How to make a High Tea for Kids

Oct 16, 2013

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On the weekend, Mum and I were fortunate to attend the 'High Tea Brewed by Lipton' event at the Masterchef Dining and Bar in Melbourne. From the outset we were very excited about having the opportunity to experience some of the Masterchef goodies and enjoy a good chat together over a cup (or many!) of the new Lipton Pyramids tea range.

Our expectations certainly weren't let down on any front as we sipped and nibbled and chatted to our hearts content.

I've almost got the tea pinky up!
Normally, when it comes to drinking tea I generally stick to either English Breakfast with milk or Green Tea without. I discovered at the event that I am missing out on a whole world of tea!

Out of the teas I tried, my favourite was the Orange Jaipur with large black tea leaves and orange peel. It had a really bold and vibrant citrus taste but was really well rounded so left no bitter after-taste. This is one I'll enjoy sipping on at home without the need for any milk or sugar. (And I must buy some tea glasses now too! haha)

You can't have a High Tea without a range of treats and these Masterchef delights really took it to a new level. I can't believe how good the Vegemite (yes, Vegemite!) Caramel Chocolate Cups were (pictured in the front there).

It was great to have the opportunity to try a whole different range of teas that I'd never tried before. The Green Gunpowder was really nice as well.

The "Lollybag Cake" was a real treat! I was delighted to get to try it. I'll definitely be making some of my own iced tea this summer as well. Yum.

I was so glad that I brought my Mum along for the experience. We had a really great time together. 

How to host a High Tea for Kids

My kids (aged 4 and almost 2), were very excited to hear all about Mum and Nana's High Tea adventure, but after seeing all the glorious pictures they decided that they should get to have a high tea as well!

So, we decided that's exactly what we would do.

My kids enjoy having a fruit or herbal tea on occasions and so this time we tried one of the new Lipton Pyramid Range. I chose the Temptation Summer Fruit Berry Medley (Caffeine free) for our Kids High Tea.

Hint: Once it had infused in the boiled water, I removed the tea bags and then added ice cubes until the temperature was down enough for the kids to safely enjoy 

For our Kids High Tea I prepared 4 different treats.

Food for a Kids High Tea

  1. Mini Layered Jelly Cups. Using clear shot-glasses, I set three layers (one at a time) of jelly. As the amount of jelly being set each time was very small (about 1 tablespoon), it takes about an hour to set the three layers.
  2.  Triple Decker Finger Sandwiches. Simple cheese, cucumber and mayonnaise sandwiches made with 3 slices of bread with the crusts cut off then cut into fingers.
  3. Choc Rice Bubble Treat. Ok, I cheated here. I purchased these bars as a treat and cut them into little squares to serve.
  4. Mixed Berry Fruit Cup. To complement our tea I made a little mix of strawberries, blueberries and raspberries and served them in pretty cupcake liners.

I bought some little espresso cups with saucers that make the perfect kid-sized mugs. Having real breakable crockery made it that much more special than a normal lunch or afternoon tea where we'd usually be using non-breakables. I enjoy being able to allow that trust in my children and take great pleasure in their delight and how they are learning to be careful and respectful.

Maddie's favourite part was of course getting to pour everyone's tea herself. She was delighted and so proud.

"Cheers!" The children just loved the tea and the whole novelty of the tea pot and little porcelain mugs. There was a lot of role play as we pretended to be "Mummy" and "Nana" at the high tea with a "new friend" to join us.

Not only was it a great bonding experience as we chatted, laughed, ate and drunk, but just talking about what we were doing and experiencing as we did it, was wonderful for Noah's oral language development and understanding.

We also enjoyed our yummy kid-friendly high tea treats as well. I think we'll definitely be having a lot more special days like this. Next time Daddy can join us too. :)

Lipton Tea Sample Giveaway*. 

*edit: this giveaway has ended. Tea sample packs are going to KcmsfamilyDanyaPennyElise and Chelsea.

Lipton’s range of 16 high quality Pyramid Teas have been brewed for a new generation of tea drinkers. The new pyramid shape gives the tea more space to release a great full taste and aroma and the larger leaves and real fruit pieces make for a faster brewing time. If you would like to receive a sample pack containing 8 of the exotic flavours to try, simply answer the following question.

Which Lipton Tea flavour would YOU serve for a High Tea?

Giveaway details:
- End date: 5pm Friday 25th Oct.
- Open to Australian residents age 14+
- The five most creative comments will be selected.
- If you don't have a profile created that links to an email address, please post your comment as "anonomous" and leave a name and email address that we can contact you on.
- See all participating blogs and the full terms and conditions here.

The Lipton Pyramid range is available at leading retailers including Coles, IGA and Woolworths, with an RRP of $3.79 for a pack of 20 teabags.

Happy high tea-ing, 
Debs :)

{Disclosure: this is a paid post for Lipton sponsored by Nuffnang. After attending the high tea we received some tea samples to take home. As always, opinions expressed in this post are my own and my children's.}

Look where else we are. Are you following along? :)
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  1. Oh look at your girl pouring the tea like a lady!!! And look at you and your Mum having a ladies afternoon out!!! You lucky thing!

  2. How cute are you! Loved reading your experience at high tea with your mum and all the yummy teas you were able to experience. It's so nice that a similar experience can be enjoyed by kids!

  3. That looks like so much fun for the kids (&you too!). My daughter loves pouring milk into a little china teacup, I'm sure she would adore a whole high tea set up.

  4. That lolly bag cake looks delicious. Your tea party looks like fun too. Cammy loves pink tea. Maybe I should let her pour it herself too.

  5. Oh how incredibly fun would that Masterchef high tea have been. I would have loved that. Hmmmm which tea flavour would I serve... well I usually only drink chai but the Fruits of the Forest sounds deeeeellish :)

  6. I'd have to have the english breakfast as it's what I always think of with high tea, but the green gunpowder sounds good for my friends who only drink green tea

  7. Drool! Love both high teas here. Great tip about how to serve fruity tea to kids. Can't wait to give it a go with my kids. And the jelly! That will be gobbled up in no time.

  8. Naww, I love the high tea you created for your beautiful little people. You can see they loved it! I'd go the green gunpower. Delish!

  9. The summer fruit tea looks a beautiful shade of pink, so I would like to try that one!


  10. Oh both of your high tea experiences look amazing. I love the idea of doing a special high tea with the kids "just because". Who needs a reason? :) As for the flavours they all look amazing but I couldn't go past the calming chamomile - it sounds like just what I need on "those" days when things are getting a little crazy!

  11. You look like your Mum! I love the idea of the expresso cups, I've been trying to think of a good tea option that's not 'toy' for my girls so this would work well. I'm a sucker for fruit teas (and bonus that they are caffeine free) so for high tea at our place I would choose Passion Raspberry - it sounds like such an unusual combination!

  12. How wonderful that your special high tea experience with your mum inspired your children to also join in on the high tea fun. I love the menu you came up with for your children's high tea - so colourful, fun and delicious. After reading and enjoying your post, I am still thinking about the combination of Vegemite, caramel and chocolate, it's always those combinations that seem odd that are amazing. My children love high tea so I am really keen to incorporate the "Temptation Summer Fruit Berry Medley" into our next high tea - how fun for children to pour a cup of real tea. Elise @ Creative Play Central

  13. Debs these pics are just so cute. I love to see some pictures of you, as we don't get to see many that often! I feel like I know you from reading your blog, but I realize I haven't actually seen you that many times, just read your words :-) Those treats are so delish, what lucky kiddos! The jelly turned out in a perfect rainbow, love it. I usually give the kids peppermint or honey lemon tea. But after browsing the Lipton range, I'd love to try the Peach and Mango as I've never seen that one before! They all look yummy!

  14. That high tea and time with your Mum looks just perfect! And i just love how you created one for the kids too...don't they look so sweet pouring and eating. Just love my tea every day, not a coffee drinker so I do like a quality cuppa and something a little different is always a treat!

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