How to make Rainbow Soap Slime

Jun 17, 2014

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My kids love messy play! A lot of the art and sensory play that we do, involves a certain amount of mess, (perhaps that's part of what makes it so fun?). I am not overly precious about my children's clothing, I mean, they're kids, I expect them to get messy, but at the same time, I don't like to be wasteful or destructive so we are generally careful with what we're wearing when we participate in certain activities and how we control the mess. When I was contacted about trying Radiant's new range of laundry products containing Colour Guard Technology, designed specifically for keeping your clothes looking newer for longer, I was more than happy to give it a spin. After all, it's certainly not a stretch for us to get messy!

One of Maddie's favourite sensory activities that she first played with a couple of years ago at preschool, was Soap Slime. Now, this is definitely messy play, but it's made from soap, so it must be clean, messy play, right? Well, sort of. It depends on the colouring. Since the lesson we learnt making cornflour slime, I have been hesitant to use food colouring in their messy play, but after watching this hilarious Radiant Return campaign video and armed with my stash of Radiant laundry products, I was inspired to give Rainbow Soap Slime a whirl.

How to Make Soap Slime

  • Pure soap flakes
  • Warm water
  • food colouring (optional)

We like our slime nice and thick so the ratio I use to make my soap slime is: 1 cup pure soap flakes: 2.5 cups warm water

You can purchase pure soap flakes in a box but the cheapest way to make this slime is by grating your own flakes from pure soap bars. It doesn't take long and is a more cost effective way to make it. You can also play around with the amount of water you use. Many recipes on the internet work on a 1:3 cup ratio, so it's up to you to experiment with what you prefer.

  • Add your soap flakes and warm water (so that the flakes dissolve) and then whisk using an electric beater. (If you only want one colour of slime, you can add your food colouring at this point)
You can whisk it by hand as well but you'll find it's much quicker and you get thicker, fluffier slime when you use an electric whisk.

As you can see, the mixture multiplies a lot so you will need a large tub to mix it in. We were going to be playing with it in our water table so I just made it directly in the table.

I made 2 batches of soap slime so used 2 cups of pure soap flakes and 5 cups of warm water in total.

As I wanted to make 6 different colours of the slime, I then divided the ready slime into individual bowls, added the colour of choice and gave them a quick whisk.

When the slime was the desired colours, I plopped it back into the water table, ready for our play. I was starting to get a little nervous about the colour in the slime.

Ta-daaaa. Ready for play.

I popped the water table full of slime outside on the back deck on top of a towel to prevent the floor underneath from getting slippery. I also got an extra towel and a couple of damp face cloths at the ready so that we could wipe faces and hands as needed to ensure that no soap got in eyes.

At this point I would normally have either gotten my kids to pop on their old, messy clothes or an art smock, but today, determined to test out our Radiant laundry powder, I chose some of their nice, clean, bright colourful clothing. I was most concerned about the light colouring of the top and the white stripes of the dress. These items were not new but in near new condition.

 And then it was time to play!

They didn't get hugely messy but I could still see colour on their clothing so was still a little concerned.

Here's what our soap slime looked like after our play. I cleaned down the edges a little and then covered the entire lot with the towel we'd had on the floor.

It should be fine to keep playing with for a number of days after, depending on how much dirt and grit kids have gotten in it. To dispose of it, I wouldn't recommend tipping it down the drain... for obvious reasons. Use scoops of it when giving the kids a bath or scoop it into a plastic bag and throw in the trash.

When we'd finished playing, Maddie exclaimed that now she'd like to play in the mud kitchen. (Surely it should go mud play first and soap play last, right? Not here.) As we were all about messy play that day, I agreed and off they went.

 After a full day of fun messy play, it's fair to say that their clothes were a little worse for wear. I was still a little concerned about the colour from the food coloured soap slime but hopeful that all would be fine.

We tried the Radiant Brilliant Whites Sharper Colours powder capsule as my husband was keen to see what sort of a job they did. We'd not tried capsules for clothes washing before.

Thankfully, all came good. There were a few tiny little stains from previous wear that still remained in the clothing, but all of the new marks caused by the day of messy play, were gone, the colours were as bright as they had been before and the whites were still white.

Radiant's latest offering to the market is their unique Colour Guard Technology, designed to lift stains while protecting your clothing from multiple washes to keep it looking newer for longer. In a marketing first, Radiant did a real life test entitled, "Radiant Returns," where 2 guys purchased, wore, washed and returned a bunch of clothes to real stores, all filmed by hidden cameras. The objective was to really put the clothes to the test (you can see exactly how they did that here, it's pretty funny). The owners of the stores were in on the experiment but none of the sales assistants were aware of what was going on. It was only after watching the videos that I felt confident that our day of messy play would not permanently destroy our nice clothes. I was happy that the detergents were designed to work best in cold water as that's the only setting we use.
Still not sure you could allow that sort of mess with those sort of clothes? Try it for yourself. For your chance to win a year's supply, see below.

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Happy playing, 
Debs :)

{Disclosure: this is a paid post for Radiant sponsored by Nuffnang. As always, opinions expressed in this post are my own and my children's.}

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  1. Oh that looks like SO MUCH FUN!

    And great tip about not tipping it down the drain... when I was working at a child care centre one of the young staff members, thinking she was helping, tipped some old soap slime down the outside drain in the courtyard, apart from how bad that is for the environment, when it rained the whole courtyard filled with soap bubbly foam and it took forever to get rid of it! LOL

    My kids' favourite way to get messy is making 'potions' outside... they combine the most crazy things to make the most disgusting looking potions!!

  2. SO much fun!! Love that slime - we'll have to do that one!!
    Our favourite messy play is digging in our 'secret garden'... there's tub of water for making mud and tea cups for making delicious concoctions to serve mum and dad!!
    And wow! THey are great results - I make my own laundry liquid but there are definitely times where a little extra boost is needed - these are fabulous!

  3. I love the look of the rainbow slime. Will definitely give it a go with my daughters. One of them loves to get messy by digging in the vegetable garden and adding lots of water for muddy puddles. My other daughter has recently discovered chocolate cake so her favourite way to get messy is to make and ice a chocolate cake or cupcakes and then of course, eat it!

  4. That slime looks SO awesome!!! My little girls favourite way to get messy is with mum. We recently had fun in a mud kitchen and now she can't stop talking about it. Every morning she is asking me if we can play in the mud kitchen! LOL

  5. That slime look so good and so much fun and of course you really can't beat a mud kitchen for whipping up a quick snack after all that slimey fun!

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. OMG how much fun for your kiddos. My boys get messiest when painting or playing in the mud. We have an entire dirt/sand area under our back deck, so it's not rare that we have mud stained clothes. I should try out a different laundry detergent but just haven't been bothered to worry about stains - my poor boys LOL.

    (deleted previous comment due to saying "often" versus "rare" haha)

  8. Oh wow your rainbow slime looks awesome! Messy play is a winner at our place too. My kids love to help in the kitchen, scooping, measuring, pouring, mixing and of course tasting! They usually end up covered in goodness knows what from head to toe, but they have a blast. :)

  9. Your rainbow slime looks well slimy, my kids love making mud pies and pretending to have afternoon tea with the yucky pies they make they are enjoying them selves so that is all that matters

  10. My kids love playing roadworks in the barkchips. As well as the mud and the stain in the bark, we also get splinters in everything!

  11. Wow, that looks amazing! I'm inspired to try that soap slime with my own messy-play loving four year old one day soon (maybe even tomorrow haha). I don't think she actually has a 'favourite' way to get messy. She'll take any option; sand, mud, water, paint whatever!

  12. The most colorful slime I've ever seen! ;) I really need to get a hand mixer!

  13. My children love all things messy!! So this is right up their alley lol!!
    My son is Autistic so the messy play is a great way to fulfill his sensory needs! He will get his hands into messy liquids , lift it up in the air and watch it fall to the bottom! Its a great idea and i will definitely give it a go :) Thankyou!!

  14. My daughter eats a Tim Tam like no one else I know! Somehow she manages to get a decent amount in her mouth, but she is only happy if every single finger is covered in chocolate! I have seen her sit there and hold them tii they melt enough! I am lucky if she doesn't end up with chocolate all over herself and her clothes by the end of it! Before I was a mother, I never would have believed that one biscuit could make so much mess!!


  15. Pickle loves painting with shaving foam. We put it in a baking tray, he spreads it out, I add drops of different coloured food colouring & he mixes it around. Watching the colours spread & blend, we then lay paper on top. Inevitably he gets covered & I've had differing results washing with different colourings! But the look on his face is priceless each time.

  16. At nannas playing outside in the sun.

  17. Eating!!! My little girl loves to feel her food too and it ends up not just in her mouth but through her fingers, on her face, swirled around the table like finger paints too

  18. As much as outdoor play is encouraged, the aftermath is terrifying! Grass stains on clothes, dirt and dust on fingers and toes, leaves in the hair......all tell-tale signs that clearly the kids have had a great time getting messy but also that I have a challenging cleaning task on my hands.

  19. My son's favourite way to get messy was by raiding my make up!

  20. My son's loves to play with mud.

    1. forgot my e-mail which is sweetpsalm40 at msn dot com

  21. Wow you really did dirty them up didn't you! The came out so clean though.

    I just adore the soapsuds idea. I think I'll have to make that for the girls this afternoon

  22. My kids favourite way to get messy is a big tub of shaving cream! We have mixed it with food colouring, glitter, and covered their face and hair in it so they look like little snowmen and snowladies. And it has the added benefit of being moisturising for their skin and washing out easily. Loads of fun!

  23. We love making muddy pies! And jumping in muddy puddles, mummy isn't a fan of the mess but I just love watching their little faces light up with all the fun they are having! Radiant would certainly put a smile on my dial knowing that I will soon have gorgeous, clean smelling and no stained clothes once again!

  24. My grandchildren love to come over to Nannies house and play in the yard, when they are here, they find endless things to do, i have a nice big vege patch out the back, which they always love to make mud pies in, and sprinkle all the different herbs and spices over to make them taste nice!!! lol

    They also like to paint pictures for me on the deck, with lots of bright colours, we usually use sparkles and glitter, and they even used those white balls from the bean bag once, didn't realise it was broken and they found it and decided they would be a good mixture with the paint!! Gotta love them!!

    Makes me happy to see them having fun, no matter how much mess they make, you can always clean up the mess later, putting a smile on their faces and mine is worth any amount of messiness!!!!

    Love the soap idea, they would love playing with that for sure! All the gooey sloppy fun they could have.....wait till they come over next time, they will be in for a big surprise won't they :)

  25. Oh let me counts the ways
    There are not enough days
    Helping in the kitchen, playing the in the puddles, helping to wash the dog even when the dog does not need a wash, kicking the football. and doing the massive slid along the lawn to save that soccer goal from going in. Oh please help my washing machine make their clothes clean we need Radiant to win would be great. ) Debbie Paterson

  26. Both of my boys loves painting but they love it so much that after painting for initial five minutes with paint brushes, they always decide to use their fingers, hands and even toes and even feet. Art smocks are a must for this type of play but still they always manage to spoil their clothes with paint .

    After struggling for many months , i started giving them plain yogurt mixed with food colouring as paint - they still get messy but clothes are a bit easy to clean. They surely miss the fun of real painting colours and i look like a bad mum but it saves their clothes...

    Email -

  27. oh wonderful ideas I am reading from the entries - just have to love watching the Grandies playing with all of natures free supply of mud at the moment descovering how to make mud pies, including the eggs from the chook yard and all sorts of veggies and herbs from the garden. then just because they didn't taste that good, even with all the special ingredients, the 'food fight' began ...... and of cause Nanna instigated the food fight ...... so much fun and laughter shared by all. nobody cared what we looked like at the end of it because goood old water and of course Radiant came to the rescue once again

  28. My kids have a few ways to get messy. They love to play in the dirt which they put on the windows after its wet.They also love to play in the water even in winter. Also playing under the verandah which means muddy kids.

  29. My son loves to do make mud racing tracks for his cars complete with mud buildings and trees.

  30. My kids love to get messy in the kitchen..... Baking is always a messy experience in our home!

  31. my daughter loves to get messy by reflux projectiling all over her daddy herself and I and then giggles about it

  32. S-in-L is a mechanic and his man shed is his garage. He and grandson Ollie aged 3, are never happier than when they are surrounded by greasy, dirty tools, while working on Poppy's latest project.

  33. So the other day I just found out that there are such things as mud bombs like water bombs just filled with sloppy mud instead he's friends and him thought it would be a great idea to throw them at one and other but the fun didn't stop there when they were board with that they then played football by the end of it there was no clean space on them!! BOYS will be boys!!

  34. My boys love getting messy any way they can. If I had to single out one messy activity as their favourite, it would be baking ... because they get to taste test ;o). Mr 5 insists he is able to break eggs on his own - and, well, yes he can break them, but not quite into the bowl. Mr 3 can't manage holding the bowl still with one hand, while he mixes with his other hand - as he needs a hand free for holding the spoon he needs for 'quality control' taste testing. One boys' spoon slips onto the other boys' hand - and suddenly we have a food fight on hand. Very fun, very messy, very tasty. My kids are radiant at the end of the experience ... and I need Radiant for their clothes :o)

  35. My little girl loves getting messy by grabbing her garden bucket and spade and making mud pies.

  36. My little girl loves getting messy by grabbing her garden bucket and spade and making mud pies.

  37. Being a mum to 2 boys I could share many favorite ways to get messy, but it is every day rituals that are the worst. It starts with a milk dribble from breakfast and then a toothpaste streak, off to school where more paint, ink and glue makes its way onto thier clothes rather than thier paper. Lunch time is footy time where if course there is mud and the beloved grass stains. Home time, "what's for dinner mum?" Spaghetti, our family favorite and naturally a slurping competition. Finally teeth and bed, back to where we started, toothpaste! Good night boys, hello laundry. Katrina Hearn

  38. My kids roll around with the dog and can't pass a hill without rolling down it..

  39. My Daughter is happiest when she is covered in Glitter and its all over the table and she can use her hands to swirl it all around and make pretty designs.

  40. does anyone know who the winner is???

  41. anyone know what kind of soap to use?

    1. Pure soap (so, any brand of soap that says it's "Pure Soap") It will say on the packaging. Lux is a brand of pure soap flakes.

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