No Bake Reindeer Cookies. Fun Christmas Food Idea

Nov 18, 2015

Each Christmas we enjoy making a little Christmas themed gift for the children in my kids' classes. 

Our favourite idea was our playdough Christmas tree bags. They make a great sugar-free alternative to balance out all the treats that usually get given out around Christmas time. 

This year however, we needed a different idea so thought that we'd have a go at making some reasonably quick and easy little Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer cookies.

Using bought biscuits definitely cuts out a lot of time and the trickiest bit is melting the chocolate, which makes it a good activity to get the kids involved with too. 

If they're the ones giving the gifts, they might as well help make them!

You'll need one biscuit per child. For a class of say, 20 children, I recommend buying 2 packs in case of broken biscuits. Other than the biscuits, we found one packet of each of the above ingredients to be enough to make a class-sized batch of reindeers. See the bottom of the post for ingredient details.

Melt your chocolate and spread onto your biscuit. To speed up the process, parents can do this part and just have the kids decorate the faces, or, if you have plenty of time, let the kids do the spreading.

Lay your chocolate covered biscuit on a flat surface. While the chocolate is still wet, press on the antlers, white eyes and nose.

To stick the choc-chip in the middle of the white chocolate button, put a small dot of melted chocolate on the bottom of the choc-chip and then carefully place on. 

(This bit needs to be done carefully to avoid brown streaks across the whites of the eyes. Younger children might need a bit of assistance with this part)

Which is the favourite bit to put on? The nose of course!

Sit and allow to dry. The chocolate will harden and stick it all together. 

You can store them in an airtight container. (Just remember that if they get too warm, the chocolate is likely to get softer and some bits might fall off!)

No Bake Reindeer Cookie Recipe

  • Oval shaped biscuits. (We used Milk Arrowroot biscuits)
  • Milk chocolate (for melting)
  • White chocolate buttons
  • Milk choc-chips
  • Jaffas (or other red lolly for the nose)
  • Pretzels


Step 1: Melt your milk chocolate and then spread it on your first biscuit with a butter knife. (We melt ours in a microwave safe dish, uncovered in the microwave, on half power, 30 secs at a time, stirring between.)

Step 2: While the chocolate is still wet on your biscuit, press on two white chocolate buttons for eyes, a jaffa for the nose and two pretzels for the antlers. 

Step 3: Put a dot of melted chocolate on the back of two choc-chips and press onto the white chocolate for the middle of the eyes. Set aside on a flat surface to dry and repeat steps to make the rest of your reindeer.

Store in a cool place in an air-tight container for up to a week.

For giving as gifts, we will put individual cookies into small clear cellophane bags and seal them up. We'll then tape them to the envelopes of Christmas cards to hand out.


More Christmas Themed food ideas:

Happy cooking,
Debs :)

Look where else we are. Are you following along? :)


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  4. Using bought biscuits definitely cuts out a lot of time and the trickiest bit is melting the chocolate, which makes it a good activity to get the kids involved with too. If they're the ones giving the gifts, they might as well help make them!

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