Dear Kids, Mummy's going to India. Part 3

Jul 23, 2016

Dear Kids, before I came to India and saw first hand the work that World Vision is doing to impact lives and empower people and communities, I didn't actually realise that they were involved in so much. I knew about certain aspects of their programs, such as helping provide clean water, food and assisting children to get an education, but I didn't know that in each and every area that World Vision have a presence, issues are assessed and programs are developed, based entirely on the exact needs of the children and community.

The first half of my journey was in a rural area, where I've already shown you a colourful little school and it's Nutrition Garden, that is the pride and joy of the village. Children there now have access to clean, fresh drinking water and they also have enough water now to grow their garden. But what other types of projects are World Vision implementing in this area?

Photo by Theodore Sam Paul

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Dear Kids, Mummy's going to India. Part 2

Jul 21, 2016

After arriving in Chennai, the state capital of the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu, we caught the overnight train about 395 kms (or about 8 hours on the train) southeast to the Pudukkottai district, one of the least urbanised districts in Tamil Nadu where 80% of the people live in rural areas.

Here we met the wonderful staff from World Vision India's Pudukottai Area Development Programme (ADP) office, who talked us through the projects that they are working on across 74 villages, which house approximately 16,500 children.

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Dear Kids, Mummy's going to India

Jul 19, 2016

When I first found out that I was going to go to India with World Vision, I was incredibly excited; followed quickly by nerves, anxiety and fear. Not because of where I was going, or who I was going with, but more because of whom I was leaving behind.

I love to travel, I crave to see the world and know it’s people, but I love it most with my family. My kids are my heart and packing my bags and saying goodbye wasn’t easy. Neither was explaining to them exactly why it was that I was going.

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ABCs and 123s eBook. 40+ hands-on activities for building letter, number and shape skills.

Jul 8, 2016

I am delighted to bring you our latest kids educational activity ebook.

This fun book, full of hands-on literacy and numeracy activities has been collaborated on by a fabulous group of bloggers and is jam packed full of engaging activities with easy to follow instructions and explanations. With multiple authentic learning opportunities in literacy and maths that incorporate art, sensory learning, motor skills and discovery, for a whole-brain approach.

Whether you are a teacher in the classroom or a parent at home, you will love the clear text, bright pictures and ideas for further learning, brought to you by a group of mums and teachers that have tried and tested all of these activities with real kids. I am sure you will enjoy your copy of ABCs and 123s. 40+ hands-on play activities to build letter, number and shape skills.

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