Jul 23, 2012

Make a Cereal Bracelet

activity for kids

Age: 2-6+

Materials: Breakfast cereal with a hole in the middle*, string, stickytape
*we used "Cheerios" and "Heart Harmony" cereals .

To make it easier for little hands to thread, stick a bit of sticky tape around the end of the string to make it harder and pointier

Fabulous practice for developing fine motor skills and hand eye coordination

We were actually going to make a necklace but she didn't have the patience for that.

She was very excited about her edible bracelet!

Handy Tips:

- Simplify this activity by getting cereal with bigger holes. Fruit Loops would be easier for littler hands (and prettier too) but it's not a cereal we buy so we went with the healthier option :)

- Extend this activity by putting more of a focus on patterns. The greater the variety of cereal choices (or colours) gives your child more options for pattens. We started with loop-heart-loop, then she moved on to loop-loop-heart-loop-loop-heart... but then the pattern got a little lost as she decided the loops were much easier and faster to thread than the hearts :)

- Mix it up by having your child brainstorm other edible items they could thread and try making different lengths, patterns etc.

- Include some sorting practice with your child as well by starting with your cereal varieties all together in one bowl and provide some tongs for them to sort into different varieties/colours/sizes etc.

Happy playing,
Debs :)

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  1. Fabulous idea for a quick and easy craft my son and daughter would enjoy.

  2. I love this! Much better than candy jewelry. Great photos. My three year old would love if I did this with him. (It would be gone in less than five minutes, LOL.)

  3. love making things we can eat! My oldest would make it and my youngest would just eat ,lol. We will put on are want to try list-FSPDT

  4. we did this with froot loops and my daughter LOVED it though I think she ate more than made them onto the her bracelet :) We used a pipe cleaner - it was nice and sturdy.

  5. Love this! It's always so much fun to use cereal instead of beads... plus you don't have to worry about the little ones putting it in their mouth!

  6. Beautiful photos and great idea! Thank you for the tip of wrapping the end in tape to make it easier to thread.

  7. I love cereal jewelry. I used to do this with my students on the 100th day of school. They would put different cereals on in groups of 10 until they got to 100. It was hard keeping them from eating it before the end of the day. Now I can do this with my daughter when she gets a little older.

  8. This is great - I have a couple of boxes of these that my kids don't like will have to get them to make these as can't see them being used for anything else.

  9. What kind/brand is the heart shape cereal? Thanks!

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