Dec 8, 2014

Where is the Green Sheep? In Dubai! Part 1

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"Where is the Green Sheep" written by Mem Fox and illustrated by Judy Horacek, is one of our favourite children's books (if you're not familiar with this Australian author then please have a look at her books!).  It's so popular in our house that my son, who recently turned 3 years old, just had a "Where is the Green Sheep Birthday Party" (post coming soon).

When I found out that I was going to Dubai, I knew that I wanted to share the experience with my children as best I could, which is always going to be challenging without them actually being there. I knew I'd end up coming home with millions of photos from my trip, but I also knew that the majority really weren't going to interest my younger children. As a way to make Dubai and the experiences that I was having, relatable & fun for children, and also as a way to help educate my children about the Emirate and the different culture in a way that would interest them, I decided to recruit the help of our Green Sheep soft toy!

So, where IS the Green Sheep and what is he doing? In the picture story book he is actually found fast asleep behind a bush! But currently, the Green Sheep is in Dubai and he's had no time for sleep!

Here is where the Green Sheep has been and this is what he's been up to in Dubai. (Part 2 will be up soon).

Where is the Green Sheep?
Here is the Green Sheep on the aeroplane. He is learning about some of the history of Dubai.

Here is the Green Sheep. He is enjoying a traditional meal and learning more about the traditions and customs of the UAE (United Arab Emirates). The traditional dress for women (which I got to try out!) is called an abaya.

Here is the Green Sheep looking at the Leqaimat (fried dough balls with date syrup). We will have to try and make some when we get home.

 Here is the Green Sheep drinking Arabic coffee. It has a spice called Cardamom in it.
Here is the Green Sheep exploring Old Dubai. He loved the bright colours and fragrances of the spices in the souk. A souk is an open air marketplace.
Here is the Green Sheep in an abra! It is a traditional boat made of wood that ferries people from one side of the Dubai Creek to the other.
Here is the Green Sheep at the Gold Souk. It is very bright and shiny. He was impressed by the world's largest ring!
Here is the Green Sheep having breakfast. It's not everyday you get breakfast and service like you do at the Shangri La Dubai. Such a lucky Green Sheep.
 Here is the Green Sheep at the Burj Khalifa lake. He is waiting for the fountains to start.
 Here is the world's tallest building, the Burj Khalifa. But where is the Green Sheep?
The Green Sheep loved hanging out with (from L to R),  Janice from Learning 4 Kids, Kelly from Be A Fun Mum, Cintia from My Poppet and Mel from One Crafty Mumma.
 Here's our Green Sheep. He is 124 stories high!

The Green Sheep is sure that he is the only Green Sheep in the whole world to go up the world's tallest building.
 Where is the Green Sheep?
Here's our Green Sheep at the Dubai Aquarium. He loved going through the tunnel and seeing all the marine life.
 Here's our Green Sheep at the Underwater Zoo. He is also sure he is the only Green Sheep to kiss  penguin.
Here's our Green Sheep having lunch with family. Exploring Dubai is hungry work!

How can you use this idea with your children?

An idea such as this can be used in the classroom or at home in a number of beneficial, educational ways.

- Photos that you take with relatable characters (it doesn't have to be a green sheep) for children can be combined with captions that are made up of a simple sentence to encourage reading. Children could help with the construction of these sentences or they could already be printed on the bottom of the pictures.

- Have the children themselves go out and photograph the Green Sheep (or another toy) somewhere, doing something, and write about it. Besides the literacy there are other skills such as the photography, creativity, problem solving and cognitive processes (Where will I put my toy? What will they be doing and how can I capture a photograph of this? etc... it can be more challenging than you think) that children will be involved in by having a go themselves.

- Children can compile photo pictures with their toy character in them and make up their own picture story book. Play up on an existing story, such as "Where is the Green Sheep" or completely make your own up. This could be done individually or could be a fabulous class project.

I hope you enjoyed part 1 of, "Where is the Green Sheep? In Dubai!" Here you can see part 2 of the Green Sheep's adventures in Dubai. You can also follow along all my personal Dubai pictures on our Instagram page and you can see what the whole group has gotten up to by checking the hashtag #dubaibloggerati (The photos are just amazing, have a look!)

If you are looking for more details on the above locations that The Green Sheep visited, you can find them here.

Happy playing,
Debs :)

Look where else we are. Are you following along? :)
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