Food for Kids

Here are some of the simple ways that I make healthy food fun for my kids

I believe that developing a healthy and happy attitude towards food starts from birth. By making good, honest food appealing to children, they are much more likely to want to give it a try.
 (But, let's be realistic. Some kids don't like some things..(just like us!). If making it appealing doesn't work, leave it but be sure to try and try again as one day they might just realise they like it!)

I also think that banning certain types of foods (eg. "Junk" food) will not solve your problems. I believe that if you teach children from early on about "Everyday foods" and "Sometimes foods" they will have a more balanced and realistic attitude towards food. 

I hope you can find some inspiration here and feel free to contact me or leave a comment at the bottom if you have any questions.  Debs :)

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Butterfly shaped raisin toast with sultanas, dried apricots and fresh cut strawberry

Pikelets (like pancakes) cute with star shaped cookie cutters

Little bear pancakes. 3 blobs of pancake mix to make the shape then add a slice of banana and sultanas

Cheese Mouse. Triangle shaped cheese with embelishments for ears/eyes/mouth/tail (use what you have available)

Rice cake face. Made by child. Cream cheese to stick it down, chicken breast for hair, tomato mouth, carrot nose and  olive eyes

Healthy Snack Platter. Trio of dips (tzatziki, beetroot and hummus) with mixed crackers and cucumber sticks

Toddler lunch. Cream cheese and olive sandwich fingers with fresh cut strawberries

Play date snack platter. Banana 3 ways. Fresh banana, banana chips and banana bread cubes with fun food picks

Sandwich cut with cookie cutter. Remove middle sandwich and fill with fruit.

Little person meal. Avocado on whole grain finger sandwiches, cheese stick, hummus dip and dried fruit

Little sandwich rectangles surrounding cut grapes and strawberries

Jazz up a basic Peanut Butter sandwich. Too easy. Standing up triangles with a scattering of sultanas

Cookie cutter pikelets with butter.

Fancy fairy bread (sprinkles on buttered bread). (Use shape cutter). Mini muffin in a silicone cupcake wrapper

Always make extra when you do a fruit smoothie to freeze for yummy healthy iceypole treats.

Pikelet bear with banana nose and chocolate bud eyes

Use cookie cutters to shape rice. Elephant standing on a satay chicken stirfry mountain.

Doggy cookie cutter to shape rice

Butterfly sandwich with bean body and sultana decorations

Circle face sandwich (fill with your choice of toppings) Extra veggies for the face.

Birthday pancake breakfast.

Toddler afternoon tea. Dip with watercrackers and freshly cut strawberries. Mini marshmallow cut for a treat.

Toddler Afternoon tea. Cut cucumber sticks, cabana, water crackers and dip

Basic sandwich. Add a couple of contrasting shapes like these cucumber circles

Cut a shape out of paper, pop on the top of drinks (like this banana smoothie made with milk, banana and yoghurt) and sprinkle some cinnamon over the top to make a shape.

These days my 3 year old eats most of her day's food from her "snackbox"
Click here for more information on the snackbox method and for more pictures

Happy eating,
Debs :)

Look where else we are. Are you following along? :)
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  1. Love them...what work you put in....i have grown a little disheartened trying to get one of my twins to try new have given me renewed inspiration thank you!!!

    1. Thanks Jode, you're welcome :) The good things about this type of food is that I don't really put a lot of work in. They are pretty quick and easy things (unlike some of the masterpieces I've seen on Pinterest!) haha. Hope you find a way to help your twin try new foods. Debs :)

    2. These are awesome Debs. I consider THESE Pinterest masterpieces :P, doable masterpieces. Not just pretty to look at but inspires us to do create fun foods for the kiddos..

  2. Where did you find those cute toothpicks? I like smaller meals with lots of variety for my kids too. Especially during the summer!

    1. Just type "food picks" into Ebay. Mine were shipped over from Japan for a few bucks. :) (Also, type in "Bento" for stacks of great, fun food/lunchbox accessories) Debs :)

  3. You are so creative with food! When I see all these cute food ideas it makes me hopeful for when my daughter starts to like mixed up food more. She is 4 1/2 but she likes everything separated out. She is getting a little more experimental and mixing some stuff like red sauce on pasta. Wild and crazy, I know! ;)

    1. haha, too funny! Do you do lots of hiding veggies etc into foods or smoothies? That's probably the only way i'd know how to deal with that. How about you give her all the bits and pieces to make her own face sandwich or something similar? She could put the bits on to make the face and then eat it seperately if she likes :)
      Thanks for your comment Rebekah. Debs :)

  4. The cute plates and food picks probably help a ton! I need to stock up on some of those. Thanks for the inspiration. And for linking up with From the Mouths of Moms!

    1. You're welcome Krissy. Yes, they certainly make food more fun! :)

  5. Where did you get the cute toothpick character things? Cute ideas.

  6. Where did you get the cute toothpick character things? Cute ideas.

    1. Hi Tammy, thanks :) Just type "food picks" into Ebay. Mine were shipped over from Japan for a few bucks. :) (Also, type in "Bento" for stacks of great, fun food/lunchbox accessories) Debs :)

  7. Do you have a list of exactly what it is you have prepared in the pictures? Also, how do you get the animal molds so perfect? Cookie cutters? Thanks! I hope I am able to do half as good a job!!

    1. I can write in exactly what each dish is if you like. I was more showing for inspiration for ideas and people could use the ingredients that their kids liked.. but I'm happy to add more details.
      The animal rice was just done using cookie cutters as you guessed. Easy peasy! And you will do a great job!!

  8. I was trying to work out what the stars are made of - bread & veggiemite

  9. These ideas are so creative and so adorable. My kids are 9 and 6 and still never tire of novel food presentation. Thanks for so many more great ideas for me to use :):)

  10. creative! kid love it :) thanks for sharing :)

  11. I love the idea of making food look creative. At what age would you stop doing this? I work with 2nd and 3rd graders, and just laughed and laughed when we gave them "Pirates Booty," which is cheese puffs. They're smart, though. They know when they're getting cereal or something less "exciting" as a snack. We have about 40 kids in the program and use small bowls from IKEA. We typically use fig newtons, chips and salsa, fruit cocktail, cheeze-its. This is an environmental school, so green and healthy is friendly. Suggestions, anyone?

  12. nice food design, i like the banana food best of all.
    nice pics work, keep carry on.
    best whishes:


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