Dec 6, 2012

I first saw the imaginabox range in a boutique children's store in Melbourne (Australia) and instantly thought what a fabulous concept it was!

Cardboard boxes are loved by children everywhere and with the fabulous bright, reusable stickers and fun accessories that come with imaginabox, they can turn a simple object into a well loved toy, quickly, easily and with no mess.

It is no wonder that director of On the Gro (and "Mumpreneur") Melanie has won not only the South Australian Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award but other awards including winning the 2012 Excellence Award for Best new Product!

I jumped at the chance to review some of their products because anything that can help develop and stimulate children's imagination leading on to role play and language development gets the thumbs-up from me!

As you can see, my daughter was rather impressed when they arrived!

We chose the oven and an aeroplane to try.

They are really easy to make. Here's how we made the oven
1- Peel the backing off the stickers (keep the backing for re-using the stickers) and stick in place
2- Cut around the oven door so it can open (this is an adult job)
3- Poke holes where indicated with a pen
4- Screw on the accessories

We loved how the oven came with a couple of interchangeable stickers. Maddie was adamant on adding the cake first.

As you can see in the pics, the cardboard box we used was a rather tatty one that had been stored under the house for some time and it was a little warped and textured. This meant that some of the stickers started peeling up at the edges as they didn't have a good clean, flat surface to adhere to properly. 
If you're using an old box and this happens, you can either stick down with a small amount of glue so as to allow the sticker to still be taken off, or just add a tiny bit of tape to the corner like I did.

The warped nature of the box certainly didn't discourage Maddie from using it.
We have a play kitchen at home already (actually, a couple) but none of them have seen any use since she's had this one to play with. Something about it being made from a box just makes it even more appealing and having the knobs that move just add to the fun!

She decided to put another box inside the oven for a shelf

Maddie gave it the thumbs-up!

We made the Aeroplane the same way but this one didn't require any cuts

Who cares about the tatty box when you have this in front of you! 
There was mega excitement over the steering wheel which turns :)

I'm not exactly sure where she went, but she was flying for ages!

Why we love imaginabox

  • Without mess and fuss you can quickly turn any size cardboard box into a fabulous toy
  • Promotes Imagination and Role Play and through that Language Development
  • All you need is a cardboard box (and a few basic tools you'd have at home like a pen or knife)
  • Easy to follow instructions that the kids can help with 
  • Choice of just the sticker packs or with the stickers and fun accessories
  • Great for the days where you just don't want a messy activity
  • Reusable! When the box gets too tatty simply replace with another box
  • Really reasonable price 
  • Great for a gift!

On The Gro are giving 1 lucky Learn with Play at home reader
 their choice of any 2 imaginabox products.

PLUS they are generously offering ALL our readers
 15% off your purchase of imaginabox
 with the discount code "learnwithplay"

How To Win

Step 1: "Like" the On the Gro FB Page

Step 2: Visit the On the Gro website and then leave a comment on this post here telling us Which 2 imaginabox products you'd choose and why? 

The most creative response will win their choice of any 2 imaginabox products.

Congratulations to our winner
Zoe Hayes
(Zoe, we thought your answer could be their new jingle haha)

Thank you for your entries. We wish you could all win!
The 15% off code will be valid till the end of Jan
 so plenty of time to still get them at a discounted rate.

Terms and Conditions
- Apologies but this giveaway is open for Australian Residents Only (Discount code is available for all readers)
- Enter the discount code "learnwithplay" in the box provided at checkout to receive your 15% off.
- Discount code valid until the end of January, 2013
- The competition begins Thursday 6th Dec and ends Wednesday 12th December at 9pm (EST)
- The winner is chosen based on originality and creativity
- Entrants will need to provide a valid email address
- The winner will be contacted via email and announced on this post and via FB and Twitter. Winner will need to get in contact and provide their postal address within 48 hours or the prize will be redrawn.

Happy playing,
Debs :)

{Disclosure: this is a post sponsored by On the Gro. We received the imaginabox oven and aeroplane to trial and review for the post. Opinions expressed in this post, as always, are my own}


  1. I hope this is right....i would choose the imaginabox oven and the imaginabox aeroplane because my kids are always trying to cook with me at all meal times in the kitchen and drive the car with my fiance.

    email address:

  2. Hi Debs!

    Wow whoever though up these is a genius!
    I'd choose the aeroplane and the oven for my 4 boys. My little ones took their first plane trip this year and they are now obsessed with planes! They also love to cook, and are always up on my bench pretending to mix something. The real oven however is out of bounds for pretend play, they'd love one they could use!
    So this would go down a treat on Christmas day when we have lots of spare boxes around.

    Thank you!
    Missy x

    miss.missy.moo.84 AT

  3. Great idea! I would choose the aeroplane imaginabox because my little girl, who is only 11 months old, loves sitting and sliding around in a box. I think the steering wheel would also be great to take on planes and in cars as a way of children keeping occupied when traveling.

  4. This is awesome!! Such a time saver, rather than painting and creating ourselves. My 2.5yr old is obsessed with trains, so the train and straps would be the best she could then choo choo all over the house.

  5. What an awesome product! And South Aussie too :) My daughter is obsessed with trains right now, she's be over the moon to play with the train kit. The aeroplane is also a favourite after our recent trip on a real aeroplane. Just think of the places we could go with those!

  6. These are so great! I would choose the oven as well - my son loves to play "pretend restaurant" and whips up all sorts of lovely imaginary concoctions! For the second one, it's a tough choice between the plane or the train, but I think we'd go with the aeroplane. So many hours of imaginative, creative play to be had. How wonderful!

  7. These are super duper awesome! Going to buy some for some nephews for Christmas!! Love the kitchen and the train! What a fantastic product and giveaway - thanks Debs xx

  8. This is fantastic! We have tried to make our own oven and trains heaps of times! This would make do much easier and encourage so much more play! Wow!

  9. I would like the car, train, and aeroplane - because with planes, trains, and automobiles, you can't go wrong!

  10. I would choose the car and the oven. My son loves cars, and he would have a great time pretending to cook meals. These are great products.

  11. My daughter would love the oven and car set. She loves watching me cook and play with daddy's car (horns mostly). Plus, her little brother could play with them when he is older (now 3 mths old)

  12. I love this but I am not from Australia so sadly, I can't enter:( I did however try to purchase but it didn't take the discount code when I tried so I thought I would check back:)

    1. Thanks for letting me know! Did you put in learnwithplay no spaces etc? Sorry about that, I will chase it up. Thanks :)

    2. Hi Deborah, just so you know, a new mail service is being offered for US which may hopefully make postage costs more reasonable...

  13. What fun to play in a box
    while mum & dad pack up the house again
    I could have fun in a box
    I could zoom 'round in an airplane
    what fun to imaginabox!

    While the kettle is packed & the pots not yet found
    I could have fun in a box
    I could bake in my oven & make them all proud
    what fun to play with imaginabox!

  14. My son would like the aeroplane so he can fly to Japan to see the other side of his heritage as his never been there before (he is Australian-Japanese). He would also like the train and imagine he's riding the bullet train in Japan.

  15. Wow! I'd never heard of these - so much fun!!! I don't know which one my kids would like more - they are so adorable.

  16. My son would go nuts for the plane! We're in the process of moving house, and our new house is quite a bit smaller so I've had to cancel the kitchen set I'd wanted to get for Christmas - the oven set would be a perfect replacement!

  17. What wonderful 'toys', there's nothing like a child plus a box to foster creativity. My children are just getting more creative looking at the pictures, so here are their original answers: My youngest son would like the "Aeroplane to fly in the air. I will fly it in Mummy's room then into the kitchen." My eldest son would like to cook brussel sprouts and pancakes (Hopefully not to eat together!) on it and then garlic bread and pizza.

  18. Opps. My email is:

  19. Every time we stop at train station
    A little voice says 'Choo Choo train!'
    Everytime a plane flies overhead
    I hear a listen voice scream 'Plane!'

    My boy loves Big Boy Toys
    I know he'd jump out of his socks
    If we were so lucky
    To win these from Imaginabox!!

    Your prizes are always amazing!
    Good luck to everyone

  20. We love boxes and we love to cook - we had a beautiful box oven that we left behind in our last move but haven't yet recreated to the same standard. Imagine what we could do with an imaginabox oven! Merry Christmas to you!!

  21. Nice but u could just paint ur own. Look up Caine's Arcade on youtube + truly be inspire. Caine is an amazing 9 year old (now 10) inspiring people all over the world. Peace.

    1. I'll have to look him up, thanks for the tip. We love painting our own too, however, there will definitely be some parents/carers out there who wouldn't offer that to their children. I think for a quick, easy and mess free solution, the imaginabox is fantastic as it will allow those children a great new toy and imaginative play experiences that they may not have had otherwise :)