5 Simple, Fun Christmas Sensory Play ideas for kids

Dec 17, 2013

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5 Simple, Fun Christmas Sensory Play Ideas

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My kids love Sensory play and so do I, as it's generally something that keeps them entertained for ages. Besides the fun they're having, there is so much learning that takes place through these experiences.

It is very worthwhile for children to be exposed to experiences where they can use multiple senses in order to develop these further and to make connections about themselves and the world around them in a way that is natural to them. Just sit back and observe as they hone their fine-motor skills and practice things like tipping and pouring and cutting. See them investigate and explore the varying materials and their properties and listen as they question occurrences or state observations. It really is delightful to watch.

With Christmas fast approaching, it's fun to get in the spirit so here are some lovely but simple to set-up, Christmas sensory play ideas. (Because let's face it, time is tight at the moment!)

1. Make some Shivery Snow (that's cold to touch) from Learn with Play at Home

2. Christmas Sensory Rice Tub from Sow Sprout Play 

3. Fizzing Christmas Science fun from Little Bins for Little Hands on B.Inspired Mama

4. Christmas Playdough and Cookie Cutters  from Laughing Kids Learn 

5. DIY Play Snow (this uses slightly different ingredients to the above Shivery Snow) from Danya Banya

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Looking for something a little different? Set up a  Christmas Decoration Creation Station for open ended Christmas fun and creating!

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Debs :)

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  1. Thanks for featuring our Play Snow! Just clicked through to see your shivery snow, I might give this a try too. :)

  2. I love play snow! We really need to do this more. We need something too cool us down too, apparently it's going be a HOT Christmas

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