Kid-made simple Candy Cane Decorations

Dec 8, 2013

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If you're ever in need of a super quick and easy way to bring some instant Christmas cheer to a room, try twisting up some of these basic little pipe-cleaner candy cane decorations.

Adults can whip these up in a matter of seconds, but you will find that depending on the age of the child and how advanced their fine-motor skills are, they may take a little longer or need a bit of assistance.

You'll need some pipe-cleaners (chenille sticks) and scissors. 
We make 2 candy canes from each pair of pipe-cleaners and to make it easier, cut your pipe-cleaners in half first.

Using half of red pipe-cleaner and half of a white pipe-cleaner, twist the 2 colours together.

Maddie (almost 5) enjoyed the twisting but still found it a little fiddly to get a really even twist all around. My toddler (2 years old) found it much more difficult. Despite starting the twist off for him, he still found manipulating the pipe-cleaners around one another to be too tricky for his little fingers. We put him in charge of bending the top of the twisted pipe-cleaners and to help hang them on the tree :) 

Once twisted together, bend one end down for the top of the candy cane.

Once made they are ready to hang.

That's it. Too easy :)

This post is part of the 20 Days of a Kid-Made Christmas series. The other 2 blogs sharing kid-made decorations today are Library Adventure and Something 2 Offer  – I wonder what their kids have made?
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And if you’re a blogger making some homemade, child-made decorations, come and join in with the party! Link up your idea over at Mama Miss, where you’ll also find more great ideas to try with your little ones. 

Happy playing,
Debs :)

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