Travel with Kids: Fiji

Sep 9, 2014

Travel is an important part of my life and something that we prioritise as a family. It is my aim for us to travel as a family to a different overseas destination each year. Making memories, sharing experiences, learning about new cultures, languages, foods etc. is something that I value very highly, so we save our pennies each year and I do a lot of research to get us to the places I want at the prices we can afford. I want my children to be empathetic, kind, contributing members of society and I think that giving them a broader view of the world and people as a whole will help them develop this and help cement them as caring citizens of the world.

For this year's international holiday with kids, we decided that Fiji would be a fabulous destination. Ever since holidaying together in Fiji many years before having kids, my husband and I always wanted to come back and do Fiji with kids.

The locals are generally very friendly, laid back and great with kids! Fiji is also only a 5 hour flight from Melbourne, Australia and you can fly direct as well (a mega bonus when travelling with kids).

We had previously stayed down on the Coral Coast of Fiji which is a lovely destination with nicer beaches than closer to the airport. It is quite a journey still once you're off the plane though, so this time we decided to stay in closer and explore a different part of Fiji.

Here are some of the pics from our week long adventure. See the bottom for related links and more info on the specifics of where we stayed, etc.

Handy Links and info


We stayed at Sofitel Fiji Resort and Spa on Denarau Island. It was a fabulous resort to stay at with kids. It's major features for us were:
  • Huge pool. This is where we spend most of our time so the pool is important to us. 
  • Waterslide. The kids (ok, and the adults too) loved this! What fun to have your own water slide to burn some energy running up to and sliding down over and over and over...
  • Easy walking distance to shops and restaurants (although, similar shops are already at the Sofitel and we discovered that the prices were the same as down at the Port)
  • Large grounds right on the beach with water sports available
  • Great breakfast buffet (breakfast buffet is my favourite part of a holiday, haha, this one had champers!) 
  • Kids Club. We only used this once as we were enjoying time together too much to need to use it but the kids insisted on going at least once. They had a great time.
  • The location. Denarau island is a great base to stay for getting around Fiji and for day trips out to the islands.


Denarau Island is attached to the mainland and is about a 15-20 minute drive to the airport. It houses Port Denarau which is a shopping precinct and includes Denarau Marina which is where you would need to go to for travel out to the other surrounding islands. There are lots of restaurants and shops at Port Denarau and it is very easy getting around either by foot (it was about a 10 min walk to the port from the Sofitel.. with kids walking) or by island bus (about $2 to ride and they run constantly).

Day Trip:

We only did one day trip out to an Island but it was a major highlight. The further out you go, the better the beaches and snorkelling get. If you're after the white sands and clear water, heading out to an island is a good start.

We did the Oolala Day Trip out to Savala Island. It was one of the few cruises that we didn't have to pay for the kids! (Kids under 6 were free!). It involved about a 45 min cruise out with the fantastic crew entertaining us (Did you check out the video?) and about a 1.5 hour trip back. The rest of the time was spent on the small island of Savala and there is more than enough things to entertain you while there. In fact, the only bad bit was not having enough time to do everything we wanted to. I could have stayed on that little island over night! Food (not hugely fancy but delicious) and drinks (beer, wine and soft drink) were all included throughout the whole trip. The snorkelling and all the water sports (kayaking, paddle boarding etc.) were included. It was a really fabulous day that was a highlight for the whole family. Highly recommended.

Other tips:

  • The Coral Coast of Fiji has lots of great resorts for staying with kids as well. Better beaches but more remote so a much further journey from the airport. (Which can sometimes be a bit frustrating with small children). The resorts down there will probably have slightly cheaper options than on Denarau Island (where all the resorts are 5 star) or on the individual island.
  • To stay out on the Island groups, usually means booking a long time in advance as they are very popular spots. For a first time to Fiji, I'd really recommend staying on Denarau Island if you can as it is a great base where you can get to everywhere and check out all the islands and other resorts for future stays.
  • There isn't any need to book in day trips before you go. Your hotel information will be able to easily help you with all the requirements you need.
  • Did you notice the kids cool SwimFins? We were sent these to try out and can safely say, we LOVE them. The kids confidence in the water improved dramatically, as did their swimming. We'd definitely recommend them. (We weren't paid or obliged to share this info, we received the swimming aids for free and genuinely loved them!)

Have you been to Fiji with kids? 

Happy travelling,
Debs :)

Look where else we are. Are you following along? :)
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  1. What GORGEOUS photographs of an amazing holiday. We love Fiji and can't recommend it highly enough to people with a family. :)

  2. Looks like you and the family had an amazing trip! Love a good water slide :-)

  3. I think it is so fantastic that you guys really make family holidays a priority. Last time we chatted you really got me thinking and so I have started saving up for an overseas family holiday for next year and hope to do the same every year after that too.

    We went to Fiji before the kids were born and loved it. You guys looked like you had such fun and that video of Maddie is just too divine.

  4. I've long wanted to take the kids to Fiji for a holiday. I'm definitely putting it on the travel schedule for 2015 now! Thanks for sharing your experience.... x

  5. Looks like a great holiday! We went on our first international holiday to Hong Kong, and for a variety of reasons it wasn't the holiday we had dreamed of. I think we need to try again, and somewhere easier - Fiji is sounding and looking pretty fine!!

  6. Oh this looks so beautiful!!

  7. What beautiful photos and memories as a family. Fiji looks beautiful. We love travelling as a family but are yet to take the kids overseas. We have been busy exploring Australia but are wanting to go overseas with them soon. Those swimfins look pretty awesome too :)

  8. Awesome post! I would love to take my family there one day! Thanks for the recommendations! Pinned for future use;)

  9. What great info!! Thanks for sharing - loved the photos too. xx

  10. I think you're an amazing mama for embracing this adventure and experience with your kiddos x It looks truly wonderful.

  11. Our swim school uses swim fins and they're on my purhcase list for summer!
    Great post and looks like a fabulous holiday - and you did it with two kids with ease! Yay!

  12. We have been terrible with making holidays a priority...a few days at the Gold Coast is as far as we have got so far! Your photos are just gorgeous! I have often wanted to go to Fiji over the years and it's nice to see how family friendly it is, you have really made me think about it seriously now!! And I have been eyeing off those fins so thanks for the link ;)

  13. Gorgeous pics! We stayed at Denerau, at the Radisson, last year with the kids and it was just so darned easy! The staff kept kidnapping my blonde-haired, blue-eyed baby and I'd find her sitting behind reception or with the band in the arms of a very protective Fijian lady. Another fabulous pacific destination is Vanuatu, it's similar to Fiji, but will the huge bonus of French food, meaning croissants and cocktails!!

    1. Thanks Jo. Yes, they really love children! Ben and I went to Vanuatu for our honeymoon and adored it as well. So much so that we decided at the time that we would return to Vanuatu for our 10th wedding anniversary and if we had kids, that we'd bring them too. Well, next June is our 10th wedding anniversary (time flies!) and we will be returning there with the kids. Already started looking into places to stay :)
      Have you been to New Caledonia? If you're after French food, we found New Caledonia to be the best for that! haha. It's much cheaper French food than in Vanuatu and it's everywhere! (not to mention hearing the beautiful french language everywhere). If you travel to New Caledonia, I'd be going in the warmer months as we went around June/July and found the wind to be a little chilly and it wasn't as warm as we would have liked.

  14. I visited Fiji about one year ago after completing our bus from hollywood to disneyland along with two kids. According to my opinion this place is really wonderful for having great fun with kids also. I granted Kids will enjoy their self a lot and not disturbs you. Both can make their trip full of fun because it offers many things to do. Denarau Island is most popular and famous attraction of this region from all over the world. We did great fun there like swimming, boating, and outdoor gaming. It is surrounded with other islands too.

  15. Thank you! Our kids are having fun and learning new things . This looks like so much fun for them.

    fun Activities for Kids

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