5 Creative Inside Activities for Kids

May 28, 2015

Here are some great creative indoor activities, perfect to keep the kids happily playing and learning for hours.
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With Winter fast approaching, the days are becoming colder and wetter and more of our play is moving inside. It can, at times, feel difficult to entertain children inside for hours (or days) on end, without resorting to television and technology. However, with just a few basic, inexpensive materials, it's amazing the fun that can be had.

I hit up my local 'The Reject Shop' to see what I could come up with.

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Healthy Choc Rice Bubble Treats. Cooking with Kids.

May 24, 2015

We love a sweet treat (who doesn’t?) but increasingly I’m noticing that treats are becoming more of a regular thing than an occasional, “treat.” In fact, I could pretty much refuse to personally give my children a single treat and they’d still end up with plenty. Between grandparents, special events, birthday parties, class parties/birthdays, etc. they are getting these sorts of treats quite regularly. Most of these commercial sweets however are full of things, like refined sugars and unnecessary chemicals and colours that don’t add any nutritional benefit to my kids at all.

So, as a way to ease my concerns a little, I decided we'd attempt to make more of our own sweet treats using healthier alternatives. Still sweet, still a yummy treat, but one that can be slipped into the lunchbox guilt free. You can click on the links in the Ingredient list below to read more about why these ingredients are not only better than the alternatives, but provide health benefits as well.
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Design and Construction for kids with Pasta and Playdough

May 9, 2015

Here is a simple little activity, quick to set up, that can have children busily creating for ages.

When I set out this invitation-to-play with playdough and pasta, it was with the intention to use it to further our interest in building and design. We talked about architecture and the different ways buildings are made these days. If you like, you can have a look at our engineering activity and use the pictures of different buildings as inspiration.

This activity can encourage creative thinking, problem-solving, fine-motor skills, literacy skills, hand-eye-coordination, mathematical concepts, design, concepts of gravity and more.
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