Play Food Sort

Mar 30, 2012

If you have pretend food at your house, help your children learn about the different food groups, as well as the basics of categorising, with a simple food sort.

Here I started with just 3 categories. Fruits, Vegetables and Other food.

I provided 3 containers and started them off with a few items from each category in each

activities for kids, healthy eating, learning food categories, sorting food
The finished sort. She noticed the difference in colours straight away.
(It's up to you how technical you get regarding fruits having seeds...)

Handy tips:

- Use this activity to talk about "sometimes food" and "everyday food"

- This activity led us to many discussions about various foods and where they come from. Be present for the activity and available for any questions they might have.

- Simplify this activity by cutting down the categories to sort into. Start with "Fruit and vegetables" and "Other food"

- Extend this activity by increasing the amount of categories to sort into. The "Other food" category included meats, grains, dairy and sweets/fats. Introduce your child to the Healthy Eating Pyramid that's used in your education system and use it as a guide for categorising foods. (Google search "Healthy Eating Pyramid *your state*" eg. "Healthy Eating Pyramid Victoria" for up to date nutritional information that your government is promoting)

Happy playing,
Debs :)

Look where else we are. Are you following along? :)
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