Storytelling with Foam Shapes on glass

Mar 8, 2012

This is a simple activity that can be used in many different ways, over and over again!

Using cut-out foam shapes, a paintbrush and some water, your child can create scene after scene using a very fun canvas... glass!

 Cut out some basic shapes from thin foam

 Use a paint brush dipped in water to stick the foam shapes to the window

Arrange and rearrange the shapes to make different scenes and tell a story

Handy tips:

- To simplify this activity, simply provide the shapes, brush and water and let your child stick and move them on the glass

- To extend this activity, let your child help with the cutting of the shapes. Let them decide which shapes they need. Encourage them to make other objects using simple shapes ie. a square and a triangle to make a house

- Encourage your child to tell you a story using the shapes. Use this chance to talk about storytelling. "How does the story start, end?" etc "What is going to happen?"

- Let your child paint the foam shapes as an extension on this activity

Happy playing,
Debs :)

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