DIY Dress-up Storage Solution

Jun 26, 2012

Our Dress-ups are used on a daily basis. We LOVE dressing up and imaginative play here but what I didn't always love was the huge mess that was made as my daughter furiously dug through the dress-up tubs, pulling every item out on her quest to find one item (always at the bottom of the tub).
I was also forever untangling items that were all caught up together so decided that it was time we came up with a new solution.

It's worked so well and we love it so much that I thought I'd share it with you.

To make your own easy dress-up storage you will need some space at the bottom of a wardrobe or cupboard.

For about a total of $4 I bought a clothes rail and installed it in the bottom of a wardrobe that was used for storage. I made sure that this was at the right height for my child to be able to take down and hang up her own dress-ups.

I then measured the bottom of the wardrobe to see how much space I had for baskets/tubs.
I found 3 baskets that fit perfectly and divided the dress-up accessories between them.

1 basket for material/scarves/sarongs; 1 basket for accessories you wear;  1 basket for accessories you use

We were lucky that we already had a shelf at the bottom of the wardrobe to put the baskets underneath and to put larger items on top.
If we did not have a shelf already there I would have put a cheap shoe rack in the bottom to create the same effect

 For the finishing touches I added a little hat stand we already had to hang the hats on (had I not have had this already, I would have put a few hooks in the side of the cupboard for hats) and a few little embellishments for extra colour and fun.
HINT: Use words/sentences around your house in appropriate places to create a literacy rich environment.

Very happy with the results! 
(And so am I as things are much tidier now and there is less cleaning for me.

I've found that the more organised you are and the easier it is for children to access things, the tidier things are and your child is more likely to be able to pick up after themselves! 

Remember, these things take time but the more consistent you are, the more they practice and the more you demonstrate and show your child what's expected, the easier it all becomes.

Happy playing,
Debs :)

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  1. that looks amazing!! what a great way to invite dramatic play!

    1. Thanks so much. It's fabulous having it all there behind closed doors and then, taadaaa.. all ready to play. I think it looks inviting too. Thank you! :D

  2. That is fabulous. Our dress ups are all in one big chest.... which means when the kids want to find something they pull everything out and I get to clean it up. I like how you have so much on display.

    1. Thanks Ali. Ours started in one chest... then 2 tubs.... then... lol It was hard as we were adding to it a fair bit and everything was getting so tangled and messy and just like you, everything was pulled out every time. And that's daily at our place! Something had to be done. lol :)

  3. Very clever and inviting, I'm needing to do something different with my sons dress up clothing!

    1. Thanks Heather. It's all about working with the space you've got, really. Just throwing some inspiration out there. Tell me what you come up with! Love hearing other's ideas. :)

  4. The look on your daughter's face says it all. I love what you did in such a small space. I would be so grateful if you could come share and link up at my Mom's Library. Hope to see you there.

    1. Thanks, Tulip. I'll be sure to come over and link up :D

  5. I'm trying to work out dress up storage at the moment !!! Argghh! It's taking over!! :)

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  7. This dressing storage is decorated so beautifully. it also have a large storage for a lot of clothes. I like it


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