15 FUN ways to use Contact Paper

Aug 6, 2012

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Contact Paper (or Sticky-back Paper) is generally used to cover books to keep them protected.

But, did you know that there are many more FUN and interesting ways to use this inexpensive and readily available material? 

Here I've found 15 different ways that you can use contact paper with your child.

Craft Sticks and Straws
patterns and pictures on our sticky easel.

Build with Blocks
Have a look at how Teach Preschool used Contact Paper

Warhol Inspired Collage
The Domestic Goddesque uses contact paper to introduce
 the artistic stylings of Andy Warhol with this amazing collage.

Contact Paper Art
Have a look at how Nurturestore

Contact Paper Flowers
You could whip up a beautiful bouquet of these
Contact Paper Flowers like they did at Hands On as we Grow.

Sensory Touch Collage
Have a focus on the sense of touch, like Crayon Freckles
and use contact paper for your touch collage

Sticky Tray Process Art
Make, do and friend made this cool sticky tray
for some process art fun

Cross Collage
Train Up a Child uses fun glitter and more to make
a contact paper cross collage

Glowing Sticky Box
Growing a Jeweled Rose used contact paper to
make an ultra cool glowing sticky box!

Rainbow Colours
The children from Teach Preschool worked on their fine-motor skills
and colours with fun coloured paper strips on their sticky easel.

Tissue Paper Art
Use your contact paper for some Tissue Paper Art
like The Iowa Farmer's Wife did

Fall Leaf Suncatcher
Be inspired by Crayon Freckles to
make your own gorgeous leaf suncatcher

Baby Butterfly Collage
Even your baby can join in on some fun with contact paper
from Rainy Day Mom.

Very Hungry Caterpillar Sticky Table
 after seeing Teach Preschool make these adorable little bugs. 

Valentines Day Suncatchers
Make some gorgeous heart suncatchers
like Make, Do and Friend.

Note: Contact Paper (or Sticky-back paper/plastic) comes in a variety of styles and colours. The activities here tend to use clear contact paper. You can buy contact paper anywhere that sells school supplies, office supplies or art/craft supplies. Depending on the time of year, you can often find it even in the supermarket.

Happy playing,
Debs :)

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