Very Hungry Caterpillar Cake

Oct 20, 2012

For my son's first birthday we had a Very Hungry Caterpillar Party.

For his cake I wanted something that would look moderately impressive but that was also reasonably easy to make for an amateur cake decorator. 

I decided on a double layer chocolate cake with a peppermint swirl through it.

I made both cake batters and then poured the green peppermint cake into the centre of the chocolate cakes and gave it a swirl.

When they were baked and cooled I iced the top cake layer with some vanilla icing (frosting) and the bottom cake with some chocolate icing (frosting)

After covering the top layer with rolled fondant I stuck 2 layers of Smarties around the bottom, inspired by the Eric Carle "dot design" . I stuck the Smarties on with some store bought frosting.

To make the caterpillar for the top I coloured some fondant, bent some wire to shape and then threaded on beads of the rolled fondant.

I then popped the caterpillar on the top with a spotted "1" candle

I then iced the bottom layer with green vanilla butter cream icing and stuck bento grass dividers around the bottom (you can buy them very cheaply on ebay). Before the party I put the top layer on and voila, the cake was done.

It may not have been a professional job but we were more than happy with it :)

Happy Birthday Honey xo

You can see the rest of our Very Hungry Caterpillar Party here.

Happy creating,
Debs :)

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  1. that cake... nom nom nom... chocolate and mint are my favorites! is the mint just a plain white cake with mint flavoring or do you have mixes like that down there? at any rate, it looks super yummy by the reaction of your darling taste-tester.

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