Very Hungry Caterpillar Food Labels

Oct 20, 2012

VHC Party

For my son's first birthday we had a Very Hungry Caterpillar Party.

Here's how we made the simple food labels.

First print a copy of the labels.

I then cut out the labels to size and cut red backing paper slightly larger than each label.

Stick a toothpick with sticky-tape to the back of your label and then glue the red backing paper over the top of the toothpick to cover it and give the label a nice colourful border like this.

Your labels are ready for your party. Enjoy!

You can see the rest of our Very Hungry Caterpillar Party here.

Happy creating,
Debs :)

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  1. so cute! can't have a hungry caterpillar party without these!

  2. You are an absolute star! Thank you, thank you for your free labels!

  3. These are wonderful! I am doing a hungry caterpillar round-up am going to feature your printables! Thanks for sharing!!

  4. I just wanted to say a massive thanks for putting this on here. We had a very hungry caterpillar party for my little boys first birthday on the weekend and I used some of your ideas and printed off the labels for food. The party was a massive success. I have put some pictures on my own blog but have made it clear that the idea/pictures came from you - I hope that is ok. Thanks again.

    1. You're more than welcome. I'm so glad to hear your party was a great success. I look forward to seeing the pics! :)

  5. Soo.. awesome thanks for the ideas and resource

  6. You did a wonderful job! What an adorable party! Thank you so much for making the images available!

  7. Thank you so much for sharing these! Really helps a fellow momma throw a cute party without the crazy expenses!

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