What's in my Nappy Bag?

Oct 3, 2012

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When I was first contacted about writing a post about the contents of my nappy bag, I thought, "why on earth would anyone care about the contents of my nappy bag?" 

So, to begin with, I had a look inside my nappy bag. 
"Good question", I thought. "What DO I actually have in here?" haha

Well, this! hehe

When I had a closer look I realised that perhaps there may be some things of interest to you after all.

First of all, let me clarify by explaining that my "nappy bag" is actually a large handbag that I bought especially for the job.

After lugging around my traditional nappy bag (with probably enough supplies for about 20 babies... better to be safe than sorry, right? haha) AND my handbag with my first child, I was determined to do it a little differently with my second. 

The 1st thing I decided was that I only wanted to carry one bag with me everywhere .

The 2nd thing I decided was that I didn't want it to look like a nappy bag,  and...

The 3rd thing I decided was that I wasn't going to carry around the whole world in my "nappy bag" this time... JUST the absolute essentials.

So, what do I consider to be the absolute essentials? Keep reading....  :)

The Important Stuff
These items are all kept in the internal side pockets & all need to be quickly & easily accessible.
Pictured: Dettol Moisturising Hand Sanitiser, Tissues, Bonjella (for teething babies), Roll-on Baby/Kid's sunscreen, Envirobag and Basic First Aid Kit.

The "you'll need them if you forget them" stuff
Pictured: Spare clothes in individual snap-lock bags for both children, bib and hats for both children

The reason it's called a Nappy Bag stuff
Pictured: Nappy sacks, nappies, change cloth (cloth nappy), baby wipes

The "keep them busy" stuff 
Pictured: On-the-go Activity Case, Snack container

Having an On-the-go Activity Case is a fabulous addition to any nappy bag/handbag if you have kids!

Perfect for restaurants, cafes, doctors offices, long stints in the car, visits to Grandparents/friends houses, waiting rooms, shopping trips etc.

I've found that a pencil case is perfect for holding our travel activities. They come in a variety of sizes/shapes so it's easy to find one to fit your bag. Being soft means they fit into more places and they are easy for children to handle and use themselves.

Adapt your 'on-the-go activity case' to suit your child's age and interests. The key is finding things small enough to fit and carry with you, things that aren't messy and things that will actually keep them entertained. 

Here is what we have in our On-the-go Activity Case for our 3.5 year-old and her baby brother at 11 months old:

Yes, all this stuff fits easily in our pencil case! :)
Pictured: Notebook, Connector Markers, Foam animal stickers, Eye-spy book, Modelling clay & Toothpicks

Finding objects that can work together or separately in different ways means your activities are more versatile and interesting for the child.

The connector markers are obviously for use with the notebook but they are also fun to build with and fun to teach baby about colours.

Baby loves playing with the stickers when we stick some around for him to pull on and off. 
Maddie loves to build scenes in her notebook and play games and tell stories with them

The modelling clay and tooth picks are fun to combine together for building sculptures, making animals and whatever else is imagined.

 Dettol Moisturising Hand Sanitiser 
Available in a 200ml pump pack and a 50ml bottle perfect for nappy/hand bags

I've always carried Hand Sanitiser in my nappy bag (and had it by the change table) since having kids as it is just so handy and comforting to know you can kill 99.99% of germs (on yourself, not baby!) without using any soap or water. Great for after changing nappies so that you can re-dress your child with clean hands, without actually having to leave them!

Sounds like fabulous stuff, right? However, I do remember using it constantly when Maddie was a newborn and I’d sometimes end up with quite dry skin.  Since then, I've really tried to use it sparingly. So, when I was sent some of Dettol's Cucumber and Melon Moisturising Hand Sanitiser, I was slightly more excited than one should be over hand sanitiser, (haha).

I'm happy to share with you that I've found it to be great! It smells way better than any others I've tried (which generally just smell like alcohol) and it leaves my hands feeling clean as well as nice and soft. 

My hubby thought it felt a bit greasy and commented that it took longer to rub into your hands than the other stuff we've used, but I didn't find that a problem as to me it meant that I could feel the moisturising part and not just the killy-germy-stuff. 

It is a definite staple of my nappy bag and handy beside the change table as well.

What's in YOUR Nappy Bag?

Your Chance to WIN!

I've shown you mine, now it's your turn to show my yours!  ;) 
Thanks to Dettol, you have a chance to win some great prizes.

How to Enter: 

It's easy, simply tweet a picture of the contents of your nappy bag with the hashtag  #Dettolnappybag
and leave a comment on this post.

What you could WIN:

- $200 from babyshopdirect for top 3 twitter #Dettolnappybag photos
- 40 samples available for giveaway to selected #Dettolnappybag twitter photos

Please read the Terms and Conditions prior to entering. Apologies to our International Readers as this competition is only open to Australian Residents.

Good Luck and I can't wait to see what you have in YOUR nappy bag :)

You can find us on twitter at @Learn_with_Play

Happy playing,
Debs :)

{Disclosure: this is a paid post sponsored by Nuffnang. We received some Dettol Moisturising Hand Sanitiser to review for this post. Opinions expressed in this post are purely my own (and my hubby's)}

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