20 Seconds

Dec 20, 2012

20 seconds. Such a seemingly insignificant amount of time.

It was a Friday night and like many others at that time, my girlfriends and I were in line to one of the popular pubs. There was nothing different about this night, it was a scene we'd experienced many times before.

As we were nearing the top of the queue I noticed a guy walking towards the line. In the midst of all the hustle going on around us, we somehow locked eyes. He smiled. I smiled. As cheesy as it sounds, we had a moment.

And just like that, the moment was gone and he was continuing walking down past the line. Without giving too much thought, I muttered something to my friends along the lines of "be back in a sec" and started walking down the queue after the guy. 

I stopped. Hang on, was I crazy? What was I even going to say? 

A 20 second moment of indecision 

While turning back to rejoin my friends I didn't see the guy look back and spot me out of the line. I didn't see that he'd been walking past the end of the queue but changed his mind and joined the end after seeing me out of the line.

20 seconds. I was out of the line for 20 seconds and that's all it took for the line to move up, my friends ID's to be checked and for them to be gone. 

With my friend's already inside, I had no choice but to traipse back down the line alone and join the end of queue.

And there is where I met the guy- aka My Husband. We got talking and thankfully we've never stopped.

20 seconds. Such a seemingly insignificant amount of time and yet if it weren't for those 20 seconds then none of the moments above would have happened. 

The past 11 years would have been so different and whilst I don't know what would have happened, I do know that I wouldn't have the amazing husband I have now, our 2 wonderful children and my head full of our memories.

Obviously the most wonderful thing to come from my 20 second moment of indecision is our children.

The most important people in my life.

Did you know that it only takes 20 seconds and 5cms of water for a toddler to drown?

20 Seconds. Such a seemingly insignificant amount of time... but everything can change.

With our youngest son now 13 months old, mobile and very quick, this is an important message that hits home with us. 

Summertime here in Australia means the weather's likely to be hot and swimming becomes a favourite activity. It also means the chances of drowning will increase.

According to Life Saving Victoria's 2011/2012 Drowing Report: "We have also seen an increase in infant and toddler drowning deaths in 2011/12, compared to 2010/11. We are still seeing the most common drowning locations for under 5s around the home and home swimming pools, highlighting the importance of adult supervision wherever there is water present in the home
Nigel Taylor ESM. Chief Executive Officer. Life Saving Victoria

This is devastating information. For some families it's meant the worst.

How can I keep my children safe?

- Constant supervision. There is no time to take your eyes off your children in and around water.
-  Take precautions and preventative methods. Empty baths, wading pools, buckets and any form of accessible bodies of water 5 cms+ deep. All pools/spas must be adequately fenced off with no access available.

- Swim only on patrolled beaches. Always swim between the flags and remember that the lifeguards are there to save lives. They are no substitution for your vigilant supervision.

- Know the environment. Different precautions are needed for different bodies of water.

- Learn to swim. Everyone should know how to swim and to stay afloat, especially school age children.

- Behave safely. Demonstrate safe behaviours around water and ensure your children learn how to as well.

For more information see Water Safety Victoria and Toddler Water Safety

Now, and always, is the time to Play it Safe by the Water

"20 seconds. Such a seemingly insignificant amount of time." 

Stay Safe, 

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We can never be reminded too often where our children's safety is concerned. You just never know when a life can be saved.

{Disclosure: this is a paid post for the Victorian Government sponsored by Nuffnang}