#playmatters. It really does. Join us!

Feb 18, 2013

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I want to invite all of you, my playful readers, to play along with a new movement we're calling, #playmatters.

The fun was started by a bunch of us playful Aussie kid bloggers (full list at the bottom) and has already been joined by other inspirational playful bloggers around the world.

So, what is it about and how does it involve you?

Painting with water on the aquadoodle  #playmatters

#playmatters ...?

Really, it speaks for itself. If you read this blog then I don't need to tell you that play matters, because you read about it here and, more than that, you see it in your own homes and classrooms. We know that play matters.

Together, we want to SHOW that play matters

Sometimes nothing beats good old cutting and pasting #playmatters

We believe that play is an important right of a child. 
  • It is their fun
  • their enjoyment, 
  • their learning about themselves and the world, 
  • their work, 
  • their challenges, 
  • their problem solving, 
  • their entertainment, 
  • their interaction, 
  • their discussion and so much more

Off on a new adventure #playmatters

We aim to demonstrate:
  • how important play is
  • how valued play is
  • how easy it is
  • how much can be learnt
  • how many different ways there are to play
  • how worthwhile it is
  • and how much FUN it is

Swinging with a friend #playmatters

Join us!

It's just so easy. 

When sharing a picture of something playful add the tag #playmatters. That's it!

Most of our action will be taking place on Instagram but the tag will also work on Twitter

If you don't have either of those accounts but would still like to share, you're welcome to post your pictures on our Facebook Page wall.

Don't forget to check out all the other #playmatters pics by doing a search under that tag on Instagram. It's fun to be inspired by play all around the world!

You can also see all the #playmatters pics under my Instagram tab on the Learn with Play at home Facebook Page

Together, let's show the world that #playmatters!

Why does my heart melt every time they are working together? #playmatters

For more fun inspirations, you can check out our playmatters pinterest board

Here are the Aussie Kid Bloggers that have kicked off this initiative with us.

Can't wait to see your pics!

Happy playing,
Debs :)

Look where else we are :)
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