Fun Activities to promote Imaginative Play

Mar 12, 2013

Imaginative Play is a way for children to experiment with language, thoughts and processes that are vital to their development. It is a safe way for them to learn about the world around them and practice and experiment different ways of acting and reacting.

Here are a range of fun ideas and activities that promote imaginative play.

Pretend Food made with Sponges. Love this great idea for making pretend food out of sponges. Have a look at how One Perfect Day makes theirs.

Newspaper Snowball Fight. What a fun way to get the kids moving and imagining at the same time. Great for those of us who have no snow! Thanks Train up a Child. 

Book Themed Costumes. Have a look at the great costumes for world book day by Here Come the Girls. Perfect for imaginative play!

Small World Beach Play. I love all the different type of small worlds you can create easily for your children to play and imagine. This beach play by The Boy and Me is just lovely.

Cotton Ball Play World. Making your own play world out of cotton balls looks like a lot of fun from Making Boys Men

Chimney Sweep BrushHave a look at how you could make your child their own Chimney Sweep brush for imaginative play by Pink Oddy

We always have some Imaginative Play going on at our place. Here are a couple of our related posts

(click on the images to see details about the learning and other tips)
Pretend School
make a pirate ship at home, boat for kids, kids activity, imaginative play
Make a simple Pirate Ship  
small world imaginative play
Make a simple robot helmet
Let's be builders! Cardboard boxes, tools and broken things!
Playdough sweet shop imaginative play

Happy playing,
Debs :)

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