8 Activities using Materials from the Recycle Bin

May 21, 2013

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8 Activities from the Recycle Bin

These great posts all came from last weeks Tuesday Tots linkup
where we featured "10 Outside Activities for Kids"


When searching for materials to use with children, the recycle bin is a great place to start.
These fun activities centre around materials that have been pre-used. It's great to show children early on how we can look at reusing and re-purposing our waste to give it a new life and help keep us entertained and learning at the same time. 

1. Save those juice cartons for some super cute Juice Carton Houses like Red Ted Art

2. Cut up an eggcarton to make gorgeous Egg Carton Mini Coptors like The Craft Train

3. Try your hand at gardening with these Milk Jug Planter from Inspiration Laboratories

4. Get creative and learn patterns and textures by Painting with Recycled Materials from Learn with Play at home (that's us)

5. Use recycled cardboard & popsicle sticks to make Popsicle Stick Sunflowers like Boy Mama Teacher Mama

6. You'll need a recycled jar to make Homemade Butter like We Made That

7. Pull out some recycled jars and containers to make Roly Poly Musical Things like Tiny Tapping Toes

8. Save those paper tubes for some Tube Play from Laughing Kids Learn

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Want more Recycled Materials Activities
Here's another great round-up we did for activities using Recycled Materials.
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  1. Thanks Deb, Interesting linky list. I love joining in and visiting others, wish i had more hours in the day

    1. haha, I hear you! I think an extra 4 hours per day would cover it for me. :)

  2. Thanks for featuring me Deb! Love the recycled theme

    1. You're welcome Kate. I must admit that the recycled goods theme is a fave of mine and one I'm always looking out for :)

    2. I did see a blog not long ago where they had used old car tyres and recycled them into garden ornaments. The one photo showed one of the tyres painted in vibrant colors and then used as a plant pot.

      Recycling brings out a lot of creativity. Great photos.


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