Fine Motor Activities for Kids

Jun 4, 2013

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This Week:
Learn with Play at home is featuring

Fine-Motor Activities for kids

These great posts all came from last weeks Tuesday Tots linkup
where we featured "Ideas to keep kids Active. Gross Motor Fun"


In preparation for learning to write as well as basic life skills such as doing up buttons and shoelaces, children need to practice, strengthen and develop their fine-motor skills. The following activities all provide different ways for children to work on these essential skills whilst learning and having fun.

1.  Weaving with Kids from Buggy and Buddy

2.  Beading Toothpicks from Finding the Teachable Moments

3. Cheerio Bird Feeders from Gummy Lump

4. Rainbow Colour Drop for babies from Plain Vanilla Mom

5. Dinosaur Sensory Bin from Fantastic Fun and Learning

6. Fine Motor Colour Activities from Suzy Homeschooler

7. Dinosaur Sticker Matching from 3 Dinosaurs

8. Acorn Balancing Game from Learn with Play at home (that's us)

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing our weaving looms! Have a wonderful week!

  2. Great round up. I would love it if you would come link up at Artsy Play Wednesday - Kids' Craft Linky.

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