Pattern Bracelet Activity for Kids

Jul 14, 2013

We're on Holiday! This is a guest post for Learn with Play at home written by the lovely Kylie from Octavia and Vicky.. Enjoy, Debs :)

 Pebble (age 3.5 years) is really interested in patterns at the moment and loves coming up with patterns of her own. I set up this invitation to play as a way encouraging this interest, as well as her obsession with jewellery! This is how we played:

Pattern Bracelets


  • straws
  • scissors
  • pipe cleaners


  • Prepare several lengths of pipe cleaner ready for threading. We measured around Pebble's wrist to make sure that they would be just right for making bracelets.
  • Cut up the straws into small pieces.
  • Thread the pieces of straw onto the pipe cleaners.
  • Twist the ends together to create a bracelet.


  • Play with making different types of patterns. Younger children can start by making ABAB patterns (eg. blue, yellow, blue, yellow), while older children may enjoy making more complicated patterns.
  • Cutting and threading are good ways to get some fun fine motor practice.
  • The shorter the pieces of straw, the trickier they are to thread.
  • Add some beads to the threading play to make more complicated patterns.
  • Use a tape measure to record the length needed for each pipe cleaner before play.
  • Create pattern necklaces using string.

Thanks to Debs for having me as a guest on Learn with Play at Home :) I hope that you and your children enjoy this play idea, 
Kylie - Octavia and Vicky

Kylie Gardner is mum and junior primary school teacher who blogs at Octavia and Vicky. She is currently enjoying maternity leave while caring for her three year old daughter and baby boy. Kylie loves to play, craft and cook with her children while writing about their adventures along the way. Visit Octavia and Vicky for more fun things to play and do with kids. Pinterest | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Octavia and Vicky