Place Value Maths Game

Jul 20, 2013

We're on Holiday! This is a guest post for Learn with Play at home written by the lovely Pauline from Lessons Learnt Journal. Enjoy, Debs :)

 Mr N and M can identify and name numerals from zero to ten and are working on naming and identifying all the numerals to twenty. We've done a lot of work with language, symbols, pictures and concrete experiences, and it feels like we've conquered a mini mountain to get this far.

 Now that we're started to work in the double digits, we'll soon be exploring the notion of place value. A proper understanding of place value is an essential basis for progress in arithmetic. This place value game is a simple way to revise place value and connect the language of numbers with the symbols.

Place Value Math Game:

Place numeral cards (0-9) in a box. Each player chooses two cards and places it down in front of them. They then use the two cards to make the biggest number they can and say they number they've made. The person with the biggest number is the winner.

 Here are some variations to the game:

- Each person picks three cards and makes the biggest hundred number they can make.
- Instead of making the biggest number, try making the smallest number.

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