DIY Fine Motor Activity for Toddlers Plus New Toddler Snack Review and Giveaway

Aug 12, 2013

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Feeding toddlers can be challenging. Because of their smaller stomachs, they need to eat smaller meals more regularly and it's not uncommon for parents of toddlers to be heard complaining that their child is always hungry!
I found feeding toddlers to be the hardest stage, as depending on how many teeth they have, some foods can still pose a choking hazard, plus constantly coming up with new and interesting foods that they're willing to try and won't make a huge mess with, is definitely a challenge.
To help save myself time, I ended up making a Toddler Food Ideas List with a whole lot of suggestions of different foods that I could provide for my toddler. The idea of having this list on hand was so that I wasn't constantly reaching for convenience foods every time I was confronted with, "Eat! Eat!!" There are times though, when being able to quickly reach for something convenient and easy would be really handy, but previously, I've not been happy with the range of snack type foods available for kids, especially toddlers.

When I discovered that Mamee, (who I'd become familiar with as a teacher for making canteen friendly snacks for kids), were making a new toddler snack to be available in the baby aisle of Woolworths, I was delighted to give some a try. (So were the kids!).

The things that I really like about the new Mamee Little Monster Snacks:
  • No added MSG
  • No Artificial Flavours
  • No Artificial Colours
  • No preservatives
  • Gluten free 
  • Low in saturated fat
  • Dissolvable so that kids with few teeth can eat them fine
  • Convenient treat
  • Resealable container!
In the past I've found that many convenience snacks I've bought are in packaging that can't be resealed. As I've often not needed to use the whole packet at one time, we've ended up with snacks going stale and being wasted. It might seem like a small thing but I love the canisters that the Mamee Little Monster Snacks come in. They have resealable lids to keep your snacks fresh AND are just perfect for little crafts.

Here is some fun we had with some of them once our snacks were gone.

DIY Toddler fine-motor Activity

  • Empty Mamee Little Monster Snacks containers with lids
  • Paint (we used Micador Acrylics)
  • Brushes
  • Scissors

Take the lid off your containers and decorate the outside.

If you're after a more mess free decoration, try covering with coloured paper and glue or using stickers.

Not one to miss out on any of the fun, Big Sister had to paint one too.

While the paint is drying, cut some slits in the top of your plastic lids that are just big enough for your gathered materials. I cut ours to fit some of our favourite manipulatives, recycled plastic bottle tops and craft sticks. 

When your DIY Toddler Fine Motor Activity Containers are ready, present them with some small materials for your child to play with and post into the containers.

Then it's time to play! Fabulous for practicing coordination, concentration and fine-motor skills.

When the containers were full they were fun for shaking and the lids were easy to remove to empty the contents and start again. 

Challenge your toddler to find other items that could fit in the slots. Buttons, pompoms, matchsticks, etc.

To make Baby Shakers instead, fill the containers with different sounding materials and glue down the lids so that the contents can not come out.

For something completely different, the canisters are a great size for holding pens/pencils. Decorate as you'd like (try covering with wrapping paper or glue and glitter!) and then pop your stationary items inside for a colourful display.

Giveaway* this giveaway is now closed.

*For Australian Readers Only

Would you like to try some of the Mamee Little Monster Snacks for your little monster?
I have a large pack of the snacks, including 12 canisters in total (6 of each flavour) to give away to one of our Australian readers.

If you'd like to win, simply leave a comment on this post telling us your toddlers current favourite snack. 
You need to leave an email address that you can be contacted on and live in Australia.
Please see the full terms and conditions before entering.

edit: this giveaway is now closed.

Free eBook

Also, Mamee have a great new interactive story out for ipad and iphone that you can download for free. A great way to spend some fun reading time together. Watch a demo of the book here or download it from the apple store here.

Happy playing,
Debs :)

{Disclosure: this is a paid post sponsored by Nuffnang. We received 4 containers of Mamee Little Monster Snacks to trial. Opinions expressed in this post, as always, are my own}

Look where else we are. Are you following along? :)
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  1. My little girls favourite snack are little rice cakes and so I'm sure she'd love these treats. I like that they can accompany a larger snack too. Great activity!!!

  2. Oh yes please! We would love to try these out! My little man is a fussy 3 year old eater and would love to find something he can snack on in between meals that he enjoys!
    Cat from The Blue In My Sky

  3. My boys' favorite snack (which I call a treat he he) is sliced bananas with peanut butter and shredded coconut on top. I love how you recycled the containers!! It looks like they would be great for more uses as well... thanks for sharing!

  4. We love the Mamee snack range in our house, especially the cheese Rice Sticks which my kids call 'cheese straws'. I didn't realise they had new products out! My girls would love to give them a try, they'd be perfect for our afternoon play group get togethers. Fabulous activity too, looks like a lot of fun.

  5. My daughter is keen on food and any snacks, but I absolutely love that these snacks come in resealable containers. I hate wastage, and so often I feel like I'm throwing away stale food.

  6. My daughter's favourite is absolutely anything that stands still long enough lol! That girl has an insatiable appetite :)

  7. My son's favourite snack is sultanas. Even though they are a bit more expensive I buy the the little snack packs because he loves having his own little container for them. They are also great for taking to daycare.

  8. My toddler twins favourite snack at the moment is rice cakes with yoghurt on the top. Mandarin, and Bananas come a very close second. We are out and about quite a lot so snacks that are easy, healthy finger foods are fantastic and they love feeding themselves. They'd LOVE to try the new Mamee snacks.

  9. These sound perfect for on the go mumma and toddler! Our favourite snack at the moment is banana, oranges, yoghurt in those handy squishy packs and cheerios!

  10. We've never tried Mamee snacks but we'll have to give them a try. Great craft idea too. I love packaging that we can reuse for craft! My toddlers favorite snack is olives. He can't get enough of them! Hannah Michele (Paint on the Ceiling)

  11. I have twin toddlers and they love everything! When they see the pantry cupboard open they race in and quite often come out with a packet of rice crackers or even a box of cereal!!! But if they see a banana or a cupcake and they don't get it you need to cover your ears and stand out of the way.

    Is it bad I want to try the snacks just so I can do some crafty things with the containers?

  12. My girls favourite snack is almost anything dipped in mashed avocado... they both love it! Lately we've been dipping crackers, sliced apple and even cheese sticks! Yum! These look like a good snack and I love that the 'wrapper' is able to be reused - you've shown some great ways to do so!

  13. My youngest's favourite snack is sliced cheese. When she's almost finished her dinner and is struggling to get out of the high chair, we ask "Do you want some cheese?", her whole face lights up and she'll sit for another 5 minutes at least!

  14. My 3.5 year olds favourite snack is grated cheese, cold cooked rice and cold corn mixed together. She is quite obsessed with it at the moment! I'm happy because it's healthy :) I'd love to try these Mamee snacks because her food repertoire is quite limited - and if she doesn't like them we can still have fun playing with the packaging LOL

  15. My two year old loves to eat corn thins with avocado and cheese...

  16. My daughter loves frozen peas, especially while I am cooking tea! It's a snack that I don't mind her having though!


  17. Mr 5's favourite snack is cheese! He actually really loves the Mamee cheese flavoured rice sticks. He would eat them for breakfast lunch and dinner quite happily if I let him!

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. Our 3yo favourite snack at the moment is grapes. I've never seem a kid eat as many as he does, I have to cut him off today he'd already eaten 1/2kg

    Luciana :-)

  20. A delicious range of homemade dips
    Served with sesame seed biscuit strips
    Or fruit kebabs, they look divine
    The kids' favourite fruits all in a line
    And simple cherry tomatoes and squares of cheese
    Are a welcome favourite and certainly please!
    Sticks of cucumber, or mini feta pies
    Are some healthy snacks this mum supplies!

    (email is

  21. My little monster loves cheese.
    When she gets hunger growls in her tummy,
    She asks very nicely- 'Cheese pweese mummy'
    And as soon as it's scoffed they ease! :)

  22. We would love to win and try the Mamee Little Monster Snacks. Dare I say….but my daughter’s favourite snacks at the moment are Tiny Teddies. I know, so nutritious. But unfortunately Little Miss 3 lucked out in the Mother of the Year department and she got one that loathes anything to do with food. So any healthy snacks that we can find….the better!!


  23. My kids love popcorn at the moment, which is great as they help me make it in the Dora Popcorn maker! It is air popped so there is no oil or butter, plus it is easy to put some in a little container and pop in my hand bag for when we are out and about!

  24. My son always asks for either strawberries or hommus cruskits. Yummy and simple!

  25. I am loving the fact that the containers are resealable as my girls often don't want a whole packet (but their older brother is usually to help out if he is not at school) 😀. My 20 month olds favourite snack is "cackers" rice crackers or apples but she insists on eating a whole apple if I try and cut it she won't eat it. My preschooler loves any type of cheese - ricotta is the current fav. And my 7 1/2 year old eats like a teenager!

  26. I am loving the fact that the containers are resealable as my girls often don't want a whole packet (but their older brother is usually to help out if he is not at school) 😀. My 20 month olds favourite snack is "cackers" rice crackers or apples but she insists on eating a whole apple if I try and cut it she won't eat it. My preschooler loves any type of cheese - ricotta is the current fav. And my 7 1/2 year old eats like a teenager!

  27. My 16 months old's favourite snack at the moment is cheese. Rice crackers come a close second. I think she'd love the Mamee Little Monster Snacks in Cheddar Cheese flavour because it is the combination of her two favourite snacks.

  28. My toddler loves Mandarins at the moment, I'm sure she thinks they are lollies or something, she gets super excited when ever she sees a mandy!

  29. I am extremely lucky to have a little man who has to be part fruit bat. He loves all kinds of fruit but doesnt really like anything savoury, so trying to find a savoury biscuit type product that he does like is really hard so I would love to win these to try him with them. If he doesnt like them, I have 3 other ravenous boys that would polish them off for him.

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