8 Toddler Play Ideas. Invitations to Play.

Oct 22, 2013

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8 Invitations to Play for Toddlers. Toddler Activities

Welcome to this week's TUESDAY TOTS.
Brought to you by Learn with Play at home (that's us), Rainy Day Mum,
and One Perfect Day

This Week:
Learn with Play at home is showcasing

8 Invitations to Play for toddlers
(many suitable for babies too)

These great posts all came from last weeks Tuesday Tots linkup
where we featured 10 Quiet Activities for Kids

What is an Invitation to Play?

One of the easiest ways to keep your toddler busy and learning is with a great Invitation to Play. 

An Invitation to Play is just as it sounds. Inviting your child to play with certain materials. Your job is to provide the collection of materials and your child's job is to investigate, explore and play with as they like. 

Invitations to Play should be open ended with no set outcome at the end. However, it is easy to steer an Invitation to Play towards particular learning areas without forcing the issue, simply by the choice of materials that you supply them with. For example, for sensory investigations you'd provide them with sensory materials. If your aim is for them to learn more about colours or shapes or numbers, then the materials you include in the Invitation to Play would include those colours, shapes or numbers etc.

Here are some fun ideas for various materials that you could set out for your child to explore that were linked up in last week's Tuesday Tots


Toddler Invitations to Play. Toddler Activities

1.  Invitation to play with Light and Colour from Sow Sprout Play

2.  Invitation to play with Water (inside) from Learn with Play at Home

3. Invitation to play with Balls and Bowls from Munchkins and Moms

Toddler Invitations to Play. Toddler Activities

5. Invitation to play with Playdough and Magnetic Letters from Learn with Play at Home

6. Invitation to play with Sensory Materials from Adventures at Home with Mum

7. Invitation to play Tea Parties from Crafty Antoinette

Congratulations if you were featured. Feel free to grab a Featured Button.

Invitations to Play are a favourite way of mine to set up an activity. Here are a few more we've shared: 


Please link up your great ideas for children aged 5 and under. 

Be sure to check back on all the fabulous ideas that are linked up each week starting on a Tuesday.

(please read the guidelines before linking up)

Happy playing,
Debs :)

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  1. This is a fabulously useful roundup for any mom of toddlers...or twin toddlers, ahem...;) Thanks for the ideas and for hosting!

  2. What an amazing roundup!!! I am so excited to be included! :) Thank you!

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