8 Creative Playdough ideas for kids

Nov 12, 2013

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8 Creative Playdough Ideas

These great posts came from last weeks Tuesday Tots linkup
where we featured 10 Awesome Homemade Ideas for kids


We use playdough at our house on a daily basis. It is such a useful and fun, sensory material that you can make easily and cheaply yourself at home. Here is our no-cook playdough recipe that should set you up for hours upon hours of fun and learning for your kids.
Below are a collection of 8 fun and creative ideas that you could use to add to your playdough play.

1.  DIY Playdough Garden Kit from Paint on the Ceiling

2.  Make a Playdough Ice-cream Parlour from Picklebums on kidspot

4. Playdough Construction Site  from The Imagination Tree 

5. Playdough Maths Activity from An Idea on Tuesday

6. Playdough Flower Mat (free printable included) from Learn with Play at Home

7.  Magic Playdough Treat Bags (these are a Halloween version but use the same idea for a fun surprise or colour mixing activity!) from Simple Fun for Kids

8. Invitation to make Playdough Creations from Gift of Curiosity

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Here are a few more Playdough activities for kids we've shared:
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Length, Measurement & Patterning with Playdough Snakes. Hands-on, Playful Maths for kids.          playdough activity, open ended, sensory activity  toddler, kids, activities for kids, fine motor skills, playdoh, pipe cleaners  play dough, kids activity, science 

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  1. What a great collection of play dough ideas. I want to start making a batch right now! Thanks so much for featuring our play dough gardening kit. Much appreciated :)

  2. What great playdough ideas - I really need to learn how to make my own. Many thanks for hosting.

  3. wow! Your playdough ideas for kids are really creative! I can't wait any more to make these playdough for my kids...they must love them to play with...I always try to make my kids happy...I'm sure my kids must be happy to play with it...Thanks for sharing

    lunch ideas for kids

  4. Oh how we adore play dough! My boy is playing with it as I type! Thanks for sharing our ice cream shop... man that was a fun afternoon!

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