Ideas for an Art Party

Feb 15, 2014

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If you're a regular reader of our blog, you will know that we love getting arty and that painting is one of our favourite activities to do (just check out the "Arts and Crafts" category in the sidebar to see some of the arty activities we've shared). With this in mind, it seemed like a natural choice to give my creative daughter a fun and unique birthday party where she could get messy and creative with all her friends.

Pick up colour charts like this for no cost, from most places that sell paint.

Our water table was great for storing and washing all the painting supplies in.

There were plenty of "Invitations to Paint" and be creative set around the yard.

Food and Cake

I tried to keep the food quite simple this time, with only a couple of themed foods (unlike our Dinosaur Party!) as the emphasis was more about getting arty and being creative with friends. I also didn't get very good pics on the day as there was just too much party action going on. Never mind, you get the idea.

I had intended to have a number of the kids canvas art work behind the food table as decoration but I forgot to bring them downstairs.

 My Arty Angled Jelly was my favourite food from the party. A word of advice if you are making and serving these though, is that they are not great in really hot weather outside! haha. So, I didn't get any good shots on the party table but here they were inside before the party started.

Fruit colour wheel

Rice-crispie paintbrushes (dipped in coloured white chocolate for paint)

Try serving dips etc in new paint pallets to keep with the theme.

Art Party Activities

This party had a bigger emphasis on the fun and activities than on the food. Apart from the "Poison Paint Ball" game, all the activities were set out with no pressure on the kids to participate or create anything in particular. Keeping it open-ended and flexible made it easier to organise, less stressful on the day and the kids could try out the different activities in their own time following their own interests.

Painting Big!

After Painting Big on our own, we knew this was a great activity that we wanted to share with our friends. We stuck large section of paper on a brick wall outside. It required a fair amount of tape to keep it in place but once it was up, it stayed up which was great. With this I supplied a range of coloured paints (easy wash finger paint), water pistols, brushes, rollers and other stuff for painting.

Arty Biscuits. Decoration Station

I've done decorated biscuits in the past and have found that the kids always enjoy it. This little decoration station was simple to set up with some plain marie biscuits, runny coloured icing for paint (icing sugar, water, colour) and a variety of colourful treats to create patterns and designs with. There were little clear take home bags available for the kids to take their decorated biscuit home but I'm not sure how many actually made it home. I wasn't even quick enough to get photos of the designs with everything going on. You'll have to use your imagination :)

Mask Making

For those that felt like getting a bit crafty and for a quieter experience, I set out a little craft table with some cardboard mask shapes (I got a packet of animal shaped ones for a couple of dollars from a dollar shop), glue, sequins, feathers and markers. Not all kids made a mask but there were some that enjoyed a lesser active activity.

Poison Paint Ball

In my experience, kids love a good game of "poison ball" (kids run around and avoid getting hit by the ball) and to fit in with our Arty Party theme, I gave the ball a good roll around in some easy wash paint first. Poison Paint Ball is even more fun than regular poison ball as kids try desperately to avoid the paint! We played it inside our trampoline as it was a good way to contain the ball and paint and made it extra fun and challenging for the kids as the ball rolled and bounced all over the place as they did.

The easiest way to wash the paint off the kids (and the trampoline) was with a squirt with the hose. Our party was held in Summer time so this was easy and appropriate for this time of year. They of course had a ball with this too!

Art Party Keepsake Canvas

As a special keepsake from her party and as a way to get the adults involved in being arty as well, I organised for everyone to draw a little pic or write a little message on a blank canvas. It turned out so fabulously and she just loves it!

Whilst a number of my ideas never came to fruition (let's not talk about all the paint chip bunting that I cut out and forgot to hang!) and I didn't get all the pics that I wanted, (The birthday girl was so busy having fun with all her friends that she was impossible to photograph!), overall, we still had a fantastic time! 
At the end of the day, it was about the kids enjoying themselves and perhaps having a bit of different creative experience than what they're used to. Here are a few more pics from the day

Little painting sets made perfect take home gifts for our guests.

Happy Birthday to my cheeky little 5 year old! Love you.

Time for YOU to get arty! 

WIN the supplies you see us using here.
*This competition has ended.

Did that look like fun? Thanks to our awesome blog pARTner Micador, we're giving one of our lucky readers this awesome art supplies pack valued at over $150 

The pack contains:
  • Micador Easy Wash Finger Paint - Pump pack - Yellow, 500ml
  • Micador Easy Wash Finger Paint - Pump pack - Orange, 500ml
  • Micador Easy Wash Finger Paint - Pump pack - Red, 500ml
  • Micador Easy Wash Finger Paint - Pump pack - Blue, 500ml
  • Micador Easy Wash Finger Paint - Pump pack - Green, 500ml
  • Micador Easy Wash Finger Paint - Pump pack - Purple, 500ml
  • Micador Easy Wash Paint – Metallic Blue, 120ml
  • Micador Easy Wash Paint – Metallic Green, 120ml
  • Micador Easy Wash Paint – Metallic Purple, 120ml
  • Micador Easy Wash Paint – Metallic Red, 120ml
  • Micador Art Smocks x 2
  • Pack 4 round brushes
  • Micador Stuff for Painting x 2 
  • A3 Painting paper Pad x 2
  • Lotus Palette
You can find all of the above items on the Micador website as well as more cool ideas on how to use them

To win, leave a comment on this post telling which of our Art Party activities your kids would enjoy the most.* This is a game of skill and the most creative, original or inventive answer will win.
*Please note. This competition has now ended. Congratulations to our winning entry
AnonymousFebruary 18, 2014 at 6:53 PM
I love your photo's it looked like it was a fun party! I bet Madeline had a ball. Well I haven't had parties for my youngest 2 children yet just family get togethers so far. Now a little older and turning 4 in July, a party with a few little friends, I am sure Painting Big would be messy fun with water pistols, rollers, sponges, brushes and our back fence lined with paper would be better than best. Then when the party's done and everyone's gone home we'd recycle their art and stick it to the sides of our kids cubby. With a lot of colour and smiles as wide as Santa's girth winning this prize would excel far beyond it's dollars worth.".
The winner has been contacted via email.

Terms and Conditions.
You must be an Australian resident to enter.
You must provide a valid email address and entries are limited to one per household.
Entries close Sunday 23rd February 2013 at 8pm AEDLST. One winner will be contacted by email and announced on this post.
The winner must contact me within 2 days or the prize will be re-drawn.
The winner agrees to have their contact details passed on to the appropriate PR company or brand representative who will send out/organise the prizes directly. Your information will not be used in any other way.

- Good luck!-

If you're interested, here are the previous birthday parties we've shared:

Happy partying,
Debs :)

{Disclosure: I was not paid for this post. Our blog sponsors, Micador generously supplied us with the extra art supplies we needed for the party and a take-home gift for our guests. And, just because they are awesome, they've also allowed us to give a lucky reader a huge art supplies pack as well.  As always, all the opinions on this blog are my own and that of my children}

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  1. You are totally awesome and this is the best party idea ever!!!! I am definitely going to be suggesting this to my two as an idea.
    My kids would love the poison ball game as they love being on the trampoline and getting messy. Plus at the end they can either jump in the paddling pool or get squirted to get clean (good thing they are both summer babies!!)
    Thank you so much for sharing these ideas and the pictures, I love the canvas idea too. What a great keepsake for your daughter.
    Thanks again!!!

  2. What a lovely party! My kiddo would love the paint big! She just can't get enough of paint :)

  3. My little T-Rex would love Paint Big…because she has a very BIG personality :-)

  4. Hi guys, please leave an email address with your comment so that you can be contacted if your comment is chosen. Even if your comment is the favourite, if we can't send you an email to let you know, we'll have to choose the next in line.

  5. I think the big kids (adults) and my kids would love to do the painting.

  6. Love this Arty Party idea! I love the Big Paint activity but I think my daughter would love the Poison Ball game the best (not sure what the parents would think of it though!). My email add is

  7. My 3 year old would love Paint Big because more room to paint means more fun!

  8. What a totally awesome party! The pics are not bad at all. I love all the activities but I think the one that my kids would love best would definitely have to be the paint ball poison because it looks like such messy fun. Pinning & sharing. In fact I would quite happily re-do this entire party for my daughter as is, just need to convince her away from the princesses ball idea haha (not gonna happen)

  9. Oh I love the rice krispy paint brushes - so creative! I think all the activities look fabulous, I know my daughter would love to paint big with water pistols and squeal trying to dodge the paint poison ball. But I think the one that would resonate with her the most would be the Art Party keepsake canvas. I can imagine her studying all the pictures afterwards and asking who drew which one, and it would make her feel very special.

  10. My two would love the opportunity to squirt paint out of water pistols onto the big painting!

  11. As always, I love reading your blog! It's just given me great ideas for the next birthday party! My two year old just loves paint, but she would start out 'with a spot over here, and a spot over there' followed by a few wiggles and squiggles and lines. Once she figured out she could squeeze paint out of the pump bottles (she has just figured out how to do this with the soap) she would inevitably end up with 'blob in her hair, and splotch on her ear, and lots of little blobs on her clothes everywhere because it's a painting kind of day!' - all of it with the running commentary just as I've described here! (

  12. What a great party theme and a fantastic job you have done with the cake!
    Poison paint ball would be a favourite - any activity that allows the kids to make a mess and expend energy without risk of a consequence from me is sure to be a winner!

  13. My little one would simply adore the lovely 'Arty biscuit decoration station' as this activity combines her two loves of art/paint and 'creating' (read playing) with her food.

    What a fabulous party idea. Your little girl must be over the moon :)

    Zara (

  14. They would love the painting on the long sheet of paper. Thanks for sharing this neat party idea!

  15. What a fabulous time you've all had. I love the painting big activity especially with the water guns. My daughter aged 8 thinks the birthday cake is "cool". Great ideas = thanks for sharing them.

  16. Wow - just perfect timing as I am currently planning an art party for my soon to be 6 year old. All your ideas are so cool, and I will be using a few of them, but the one I love best is the huge mural along the wall. Now, just I just need to convince hubby that the paint won't ruin the lawn!!!!

  17. What a fabulous party, you always do such cool parties. Wanna organise my next birthday party? LOL

    No really, I love all the activities you provided to the kids and I think the painted ball on the trampoline would have to be one of my favourites. My little girl would probably like the large scale painting though. Great job!

  18. With a jump, a tumble and a fall
    My kids would love to play 'poison ball'
    All the mess as it rolled
    Would never get old
    As the kids squealed and avoided a paint smear
    & a hose off to finish would elicit a cheer!

  19. This is such a fabulous party idea! My girls are both summer babies, with birthdays 4 weeks apart... I think that this would be a great double party idea! I love the Painting Big idea - a real keepsake for the day! My girls would love the poison paint ball game - such a great, fun and active game (and I don't care about mess!!), and what a fun clean up!! However, we have not net on our tramp - so some helpful adult fielders are needed! They would also love the mask making idea - we would probably make our own templates - jaguars/cats and giraffes would be the animals! Thank you again for such great inspiration!

  20. My girls love painting. We would love to try any of the above acticities but would really like to try the eggshell filled with paint activity wr have seen. Fill the eggshell and tossing it at a canvas would be so mch fun and would be great for mptor skills and creativity. It would be great to tell het we could do this

  21. What an Awesome Party! looks like fun :) What a great job you did on the Jelly. My kids would absolutely love the big painting!

  22. My kids would love this whole party. They are no strangers to mess so my boys would probably say the poison paint ball would be the best thing about the day. My daughter, being younger, would probably stay at the paint big or biscuit painting stations. I really like the cake and favors too! So many great ideas, that's for sharing!
    (mykidsmommy at hotmail dot com)

  23. My son Riley will be six,
    In just four weeks,
    He's having a dinosaur party,
    And a mural would be neat,
    I would stick the paper on the wall,
    For them all to paint on,
    Let them loose with Micador,
    And watch a masterpiece be formed,
    It would be something different and fun,
    Which is what I'm hoping for,
    To create lots of great memories,
    For a little boy I adore <3

  24. What a fantastic idea! I'm already trying to think of ways we could do a similar party for my daughter's birthday. I know she would have an absolute ball playing posion paint ball but as our yard is too small for a party I'll have to put my thinking cap on for how we could play and maybe even party. Thanks for the inspiration!

  25. I think the Poison Ball Game on the trampoline is genius!
    Its given me some inspiration for Dimples upcoming 5th Birthday in April. I will have to borrow that idea :) its awesome!
    You've captured some terrific photos. Love it all!

  26. What fantastic, fun and colourful ideas for a party!

    I love all these activities, best of all the arty biscuits. It hits the nail on the head for the two activities my kids love the most in the world - eating treats and doing craft.

    My 5 year old started Kindy this year, and for his last day home with me I allowed him to choose any activity/outing his heart desired. I was expecting a request to go to a play centre and get milkshakes and hot chips – but what he wanted was to stay at home and make ginger bread men (with smartie buttons).

    My boys just love decorating biscuits, and your range of colours and sweets are FUN!

    Thanks for the party ideas.

  27. This would be a great gift for my sister inlaw who is homeschooling her 3 boys

  28. M-mural madness
    I-in lots of colours
    C-creating memories forever
    A-arts, crafts, always fun even better with friends
    D-doing their favourite painting, drawings
    O-over a huge piece of paper
    R-ready for young and old to enjoy

  29. i have a very creative daughter who would love all these activities but pretty certain her fav would be the bikkie decorating so she could hoe down the lollies haha :)

  30. I love your photo's it looked like it was a fun party! I bet Madeline had a ball. Well I haven't had parties for my youngest 2 children yet just family get togethers so far. Now a little older and turning 4 in July, a party with a few little friends, I am sure Painting Big would be messy fun with water pistols, rollers, sponges, brushes and our back fence lined with paper would be better than best. Then when the party's done and everyone's gone home we'd recycle their art and stick it to the sides of our kids cubby. With a lot of colour and smiles as wide as Santa's girth winning this prize would excel far beyond it's dollars worth.

  31. My almost three year old would love to do it all,
    It looks like Madeline and her friends had a ball,
    From trampoline jumping in the sun,
    To crafting with such fun!
    The cake looks amazing to bake,
    And the time it took to make,
    Chloe would love to paint art,
    And I'd love to take part!
    Thanks to you and Micador,
    my little girls day will be all I'm hoping for,

  32. FABULOUS! What a wonderfully creative party. Perfect for a 5th birthday party and kids' creativity at this age is simply mind blowing. My daughter has been asking me to set up an art studio for her (she's dreaming-we don't have the space), so she'd love the Micador set.
    What kid wouldn't love that Paint Poison Ball game. I think my daughter would love the biscuit decorating, but personally I love all of the open-ended invitations you had set up.

  33. Paints! They always want to paint for an "art project"

  34. I love the poison paint ball!! What a great way for kids to bounce some energy out of them and work off some of that sugar! Pretty easy to clean it all up by hosing it down too.

  35. Creating the mess is of course fun
    But "cleaning up" is by far no.1!

    My little ones would love it all.
    From the Arty party biscuits
    To trampoline Poison ball.
    From munching Crispy Brushes
    To Painting Big sploshes.
    Nothing on that day
    Could make their smiles fall.

    From Creative juice drinking
    To Batman mask making.
    If anyone starts crying
    I'd say "Stop. You're faking."
    Yep. There's loads of fun to be had
    But the best fun of all
    Will be getting hosed off by Dad!

    - Amanda T

  36. I am teaching Grade 1/2 students this year and with our classroom being positioned right near the vegie garden, I can't wait to try out the 'invitation to paint big'. I think it will make an amazing mural for the garden wall. Am thinking a combination of paint and natural resources such as leaves, grass, sticks, flowers, etc.

    Melanie Hunter

  37. This is fabulous and has given me so much inspiration for the paint party I am organising for my 3 year old and 1 year olds party in april. I am going to borrow you biscuit decorating and mask decorating station ideas. And I will also be borrowing the idea for an open invitation to paint on canvas' that they can take home with them. Those will be on top of the major paint fight we already have organised!

    I cannot wait! This little price pack would seriously help out with the costs of this huge joint party I have thrown myself into!

    Jess -

  38. The big painting on the fence is what would get my kids the messiest! Thanks for the opportunity to win! Kelli R

  39. I love this party idea, my daughter would be in heaven! I love the water pistol painting, I never would have thought of that. I think I moght surprise the kids soon, tell them to wear old clothes and we can all shoot at each other with paint, (shower caps might be a good idea though!!


  40. I have a little artist, she loves to dance and sing and if she wins this arty stuff she'll make so many things. My heart will leap, my heart will soar to see her paint, create and draw!

  41. My son would love the Painting Big station. He is always experimenting with paint. He loves to roll, splat and brush it on, squish it between his fingers and swirl it together to make new colours.
    Eleni Bouhalis

  42. Love this for a party idea!! What fun. My boys would love it all, but maybe squirting paint on the big canvas most of all. Then they would probably end up painting themselves!! :)
    We are down to the last squirts of our paint at the moment and really need to invest in some new art materials. These look great!

  43. Poison Paint Ball would be my boy's favourite. It's such a great idea to play it in a trampoline. The ball and the kids are all bouncing while playing this game. Jump laugh, laugh jump! Sometimes I try to tickle my boy when he is on the bed. Our mattress is just like the trampoline and I'm like the naughty 'poison paint ball'. He keeps laughing while jumping and running on the bed to avoid getting caught by me.

  44. this would be great for outdoor twister , 2 square,4 square , hopscotch fantastic giveaway would love to win

  45. Painting Big
    One of the best ways to stop your child from drawing on the walls is to get them to draw on the walls! -

  46. my kids would go crazy on the paint on biscuit lol im pretty sure id be having more fun then them lol
    name : tashana purkis

  47. Wow, what a fabulous idea. I think Painting Big would go down a treat with my 5yr old daughter. The bigger the better as she loves anything to do with arts and crafts, just like her mum ;)

  48. FINGER PAINTS: There's nothing like watching my children creating a masterpiece by getting back to basics, and getting away from the distractions of modern technology!

  49. Arranging,
    Yummy lollies,


  50. What a PERFECT party you have created! What a lucky little girl!! This is my dream creation for my toddlers birthday. I absolutely adore the Painting Big and no doubt the children did as well. What could be more perfect than seeing a bunch of happy kids lined up along the fence with a big canvas, big smiles, big paintbrushes, no lines or rules, free to inspire and create! It would be such a great keepsake for MAdeline's 5th birthday party. Thank you for sharing and for the opportunity to enter this amazing offer!! Micador products are my favourite and I would be over the moon to be able to add them to our Art corner!

  51. Oh Wow! I am in awe of your creativity! I am the "super-mum" at school who arrives every year with rainbow jelly cups for the whole class (instead of the bag of Allen's Lollipops that everyone else sends) but did you just hear my 3 children squeal as I showed them the Arty Angled Jelly cups?? They are so excited already, and all of their birthdays are in spring! So I would love to say that is my favourite, but it incase you want an activity that the children participate in, it would have to be Poison Paint Ball! They all jump on the tramp anyway with balls, why not add a "grenade" this year!! I must remember to play that game early...or write in the invite "don't wear your best clothes" incase I get a bill for replacement Country Road clothes:). Thanks for your lovely ideas.

  52. My granddaughter loves to finger paint when she comes over there is never enough paint or paper

  53. I think my 3 year old boy would think that...
    Painting big with squirters and rollers would be lots of fun
    Followed by Arty Biscuits - they will taste yum!
    Next would be a game of Poison Paintball.
    SO much fun he would try them all!!

    WHat a fabulous party!!!

  54. You really are the "Party Queen"! We'd LOVE an invitation to your next party - such inspirational ideas :) My favourite is the Canvas - what a fabulous yearly memento to keep. I'd certainly do one every year till the kid's 21st. PS Love all your photos too :) Cheers, Karen

  55. I am a teacher with School of the Air in South Australia. The students I visit would all love the Poison Paint Ball, as they never get the chance to do anything like that. They would also love to do the arty biscuits, what a lovely idea, especially with Easter coming very close and they could decorate Arrowroot biscuits so they get the egg shape as well. Thank you!!

  56. I am having serious party envy! The whole event looked so imaginative, creative and fun. I want one for my next birthday!

    But what child wouldn't love to Paint Big! It would be a dream come true for my son, who has a rather serious compulsion to drawn on the walls! (Our washable markers have paid for themselves ten times over because of his antics. Lol)

    To have an enormous 'canvas' to paint, with no worries about getting messy because of the easy wash finger paint, well both my kids would be captivated for ages. And I wouldn't have to worry about anymore grey hairs popping up! Brilliant idea, that I'll definitely be 'stealing'. Thank you!

    Gemma Westacott Blair
    Gemmawestacott @

  57. Painting with a water pistol oh what fun
    The best idea keeping kids on the run
    The girls would be elated to blast on paper
    Create a work of art to admire for later
    Our son on the other hand would need no prompting
    He'd chase the kids with his pistol, be a dinosaur stomping
    Such a terrific array of imaginative ideas
    To entertain at a kid's party, best ideas I've seen in years

  58. Biscuit decorating would be best,
    Art you can eat would suit each guest!

  59. this party looks amazing! My girls would love to unleash their mini monets on the "painting big" mural. They would also go crazy for the dodge paintball :) this party goes to show that a bit of creativity goes a long way! Thanks for the inspiration.

    (from above)
    Ooops :-)

  61. We loved the Keepsake canvas and the gifts for each child to take home. My daughter loves giving back to all her friends that come to her parties and this is an awesome gift to give, plus the keepsake canvas is great for cherishing the memories

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