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Feb 15, 2014

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If you're a regular reader of our blog, you will know that we love getting arty and that painting is one of our favourite activities to do (just check out the "Arts and Crafts" category in the sidebar to see some of the arty activities we've shared). With this in mind, it seemed like a natural choice to give my creative daughter a fun and unique birthday party where she could get messy and creative with all her friends.

Pick up colour charts like this for no cost, from most places that sell paint.

Our water table was great for storing and washing all the painting supplies in.

There were plenty of "Invitations to Paint" and be creative set around the yard.

Food and Cake

I tried to keep the food quite simple this time, with only a couple of themed foods (unlike our Dinosaur Party!) as the emphasis was more about getting arty and being creative with friends. I also didn't get very good pics on the day as there was just too much party action going on. Never mind, you get the idea.

I had intended to have a number of the kids canvas art work behind the food table as decoration but I forgot to bring them downstairs.

 My Arty Angled Jelly was my favourite food from the party. A word of advice if you are making and serving these though, is that they are not great in really hot weather outside! haha. So, I didn't get any good shots on the party table but here they were inside before the party started.

Fruit colour wheel

Rice-crispie paintbrushes (dipped in coloured white chocolate for paint)

Try serving dips etc in new paint pallets to keep with the theme.

Art Party Activities

This party had a bigger emphasis on the fun and activities than on the food. Apart from the "Poison Paint Ball" game, all the activities were set out with no pressure on the kids to participate or create anything in particular. Keeping it open-ended and flexible made it easier to organise, less stressful on the day and the kids could try out the different activities in their own time following their own interests.

Painting Big!

After Painting Big on our own, we knew this was a great activity that we wanted to share with our friends. We stuck large section of paper on a brick wall outside. It required a fair amount of tape to keep it in place but once it was up, it stayed up which was great. With this I supplied a range of coloured paints (easy wash finger paint), water pistols, brushes, rollers and other stuff for painting.

Arty Biscuits. Decoration Station

I've done decorated biscuits in the past and have found that the kids always enjoy it. This little decoration station was simple to set up with some plain marie biscuits, runny coloured icing for paint (icing sugar, water, colour) and a variety of colourful treats to create patterns and designs with. There were little clear take home bags available for the kids to take their decorated biscuit home but I'm not sure how many actually made it home. I wasn't even quick enough to get photos of the designs with everything going on. You'll have to use your imagination :)

Mask Making

For those that felt like getting a bit crafty and for a quieter experience, I set out a little craft table with some cardboard mask shapes (I got a packet of animal shaped ones for a couple of dollars from a dollar shop), glue, sequins, feathers and markers. Not all kids made a mask but there were some that enjoyed a lesser active activity.

Poison Paint Ball

In my experience, kids love a good game of "poison ball" (kids run around and avoid getting hit by the ball) and to fit in with our Arty Party theme, I gave the ball a good roll around in some easy wash paint first. Poison Paint Ball is even more fun than regular poison ball as kids try desperately to avoid the paint! We played it inside our trampoline as it was a good way to contain the ball and paint and made it extra fun and challenging for the kids as the ball rolled and bounced all over the place as they did.

The easiest way to wash the paint off the kids (and the trampoline) was with a squirt with the hose. Our party was held in Summer time so this was easy and appropriate for this time of year. They of course had a ball with this too!

Art Party Keepsake Canvas

As a special keepsake from her party and as a way to get the adults involved in being arty as well, I organised for everyone to draw a little pic or write a little message on a blank canvas. It turned out so fabulously and she just loves it!

Whilst a number of my ideas never came to fruition (let's not talk about all the paint chip bunting that I cut out and forgot to hang!) and I didn't get all the pics that I wanted, (The birthday girl was so busy having fun with all her friends that she was impossible to photograph!), overall, we still had a fantastic time! 
At the end of the day, it was about the kids enjoying themselves and perhaps having a bit of different creative experience than what they're used to. Here are a few more pics from the day

Little painting sets made perfect take home gifts for our guests.

Happy Birthday to my cheeky little 5 year old! Love you.

Time for YOU to get arty! 

WIN the supplies you see us using here.
*This competition has ended.

Did that look like fun? Thanks to our awesome blog pARTner Micador, we're giving one of our lucky readers this awesome art supplies pack valued at over $150 

The pack contains:
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You can find all of the above items on the Micador website as well as more cool ideas on how to use them

To win, leave a comment on this post telling which of our Art Party activities your kids would enjoy the most.* This is a game of skill and the most creative, original or inventive answer will win.
*Please note. This competition has now ended. Congratulations to our winning entry
AnonymousFebruary 18, 2014 at 6:53 PM
I love your photo's it looked like it was a fun party! I bet Madeline had a ball. Well I haven't had parties for my youngest 2 children yet just family get togethers so far. Now a little older and turning 4 in July, a party with a few little friends, I am sure Painting Big would be messy fun with water pistols, rollers, sponges, brushes and our back fence lined with paper would be better than best. Then when the party's done and everyone's gone home we'd recycle their art and stick it to the sides of our kids cubby. With a lot of colour and smiles as wide as Santa's girth winning this prize would excel far beyond it's dollars worth.".
The winner has been contacted via email.

Terms and Conditions.
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- Good luck!-

If you're interested, here are the previous birthday parties we've shared:

Happy partying,
Debs :)

{Disclosure: I was not paid for this post. Our blog sponsors, Micador generously supplied us with the extra art supplies we needed for the party and a take-home gift for our guests. And, just because they are awesome, they've also allowed us to give a lucky reader a huge art supplies pack as well.  As always, all the opinions on this blog are my own and that of my children}

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