8 Activities for Preschoolers

May 20, 2014

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This week we are showcasing

"Activities for Preschoolers"

Preschoolers are at that amazing stage of being open and receptive to trying new things and new experiences, but have reasonably well developed fine and gross motor skills that allows them to more confidently approach certain tasks, that may have been a little too involved for when they were a toddler. Their attention span is also generally better so they can concentrate on activities that they may not have had the patience for before. Here are a collection of activities that preschoolers would enjoy and learn from.

1. Tissue Paper Flower Pot from From ABCs to ACTs

2. Counting on and Number Recognition from An Everyday Story

3. Paintsicles from Learn with Play at Home

4. Easy Sewing Project for Preschoolers  from P is for Preschooler

5. Super simple slime from Learn with Play at Home

6. Sketching trees on wooden panels from Buggy and Buddy

7. Coffee filter art from Busy and the Beans

8. Tape Web Games from JDaniel 4's Mom 

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Where once we only shared ideas for those under the age of 5, we will now be sharing activities, ideas and posts for a larger range of ages/abilities. We look forward to seeing all the new material that is linked up from talented bloggers worldwide and featuring our top picks for the week.

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  1. Already see a bunch I need to check out!

    Thanks for hosting!

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  2. Thank you so much for hosting and for featuring our tissue paper flower pot! I'm so glad you liked it :)

  3. Thanks for hosting. I love all the new ideas I'm getting.

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  5. Thanks for featuring our counting on activity Debs :)


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