Learn to Write. 12+ Activities for early writers.

May 13, 2014

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Activities for teaching children to write

Before children can write, they need to build up the necessary fine-motor skills. Involving them in a range of fine motor activities will allow them to develop the muscle strength and coordination necessary for writing.

Like many things that children must learn, writing is something that comes with time and practice. It also often goes hand in hand with learning letters and learning your name.

Enticing children to write and make marks in a variety of ways and for a variety of purposes will help them develop the skill over time. In the title picture above, we were practicing writing our name. I wrote the name in highlighter and children can write over that with pen or pencil. Little dots with arrows showed where the letter needed to be started and the direction they needed to go.

Below are a good range of activities and ideas to help with teaching children how to write.

1. 2 letter writing games with salt from Learn with Play at Home

3. Free Printable postcard templates from Picklebums

4. Making and writing words  from Learn with Play at Home

5. 6 great pre-writing activities from Our Little House in the Country

6. 6 ways to encourage writing in preschool from Teach Preschool

7. Entice them to write with a DIY Writing Box from Learn with Play at Home

8. Sensory writing in fairy dust from The Imagination Tree 

9. Teaching journal writing to preschoolers from The Measured Mom

10. 365 ways to make writing fun from My Little Bookcase

11. Free printable Alphabet writing dice from 3 Dinosaurs

12. 5 ways to encourage your child to write from Learn with Play at Home

Need help with handwriting and writing between lines? Perhaps "Clever Cat" can help! Click the picture for all the details and to see how "Clever Cat" is used in the classroom.

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