Sensory Spring Table Investigation. Invitation to Play.

Nov 16, 2014

With Spring in full bloom here in Melbourne, the garden has come alive with a variety of flowers and nature. To investigate this change in season further and explore different aspect of natural objects, I set up a simple Sensory Spring Table Exploration for my son. 

Ages: 2+ (My son is almost 3 here)

The first thing we did was to go outside and get close to nature. We touched, smelt, gathered and talked about the different plants and flowers in our garden. When we'd gathered enough supplies, we took them back inside and added a couple of extra materials to allow for some open-ended play and investigation.

Spring Table Sensory Investigation Materials:
  • Flowers/plants/leaves/fruit from the garden. Pick a variety of different scents
  • Containers of varying shapes and sizes, some with lids
  • Kitchen Utensils like tongs, spoon, whisk, scissors, motor & pestle, lemon juicer etc.
  • Water (some coloured, some not)

There are no instructions, just free play and exploration.

With just a few supplies, a great number of skills are being practiced. Squeezing, juicing, crushing, pouring, cutting, mixing, scooping, transferring, fine motor, estimation, concentration and more.

Yes, there were spills but that is all part of what he is learning

We hope you enjoy setting up your own Spring Sensory Table Invitation to Play.

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Happy playing,
Debs :)

Look where else we are. Are you following along? :)
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