Where is The Green Sheep? In Dubai! Part 2. Fun travel photo prop idea.

Jan 5, 2015

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If you have been following along then you will know that I have had the privilege to be part of a blogger media trip to Dubai

As a way to show and teach my children about Dubai and the experiences I had, I brought along our favourite Green Sheep toy, from the book Where is The Green Sheep, to lead them through it. 

You can see our first post, including details on how you could use this concept as a great learning tool with your children, here.

Now, on to Part 2 of The Green Sheep's adventures.

Where is The Green Sheep?

Can you spot the Green Sheep? How is The Green Sheep travelling? The Green Sheep is going on an Amazing Race adventure around Dubai. The Green Sheep met a camel but it wasn't a real one.

(Thanks to Xavier from 1001 Events for being our amazing tour guide throughout our week in Dubai)
 The Green Sheep likes to try new foods. He is out at a fancy restaurant for dinner.
 Back at the hotel and The Green Sheep is delighted to find a new friend to room with.
Where is the Green Sheep? The Green Sheep is at KidZania! The Green Sheep is not sure whether to be a Fire-sheep or an Ambulance-sheep. What do you think?
Where is the Green Sheep now? The Green Sheep is in the desert! He is going for a ride in a vintage car with no roof.
Oh no! Where is the Green Sheep? The Green Sheep is lost in the Arabian Desert! Can he be found?
Hooray! Here's our Green Sheep safe and sound!
The Green Sheep and I are reunited and we are both very relieved.

(Thanks to Amy from Eat, Pray, Workout for this pic and to her husband Reis for noticing as their car ran over The Green Sheep, for making the driver stop and for running back to find and rescue The Green Sheep. They were the winners of our Dubai Competition and I sure am glad they came.)

Here is The Green Sheep in the desert feeling happy not to be lost.
Here is The Green Sheep meeting a falcon.
And here is The Green Sheep riding on a real camel! The camel is very tall. Hold on tight.
Now where is The Green Sheep? The Green Sheep is in The Mall of The Emirates. Where will The Green Sheep's next adventure be?
The Green Sheep is in the snow at Ski Dubai! Lucky The Green Sheep has a thick wool coat to keep warm.

The Green Sheep is meeting Olaf from Frozen! Olaf said to say hi to the kids. "Hi kids!"
The Green Sheep is on a chair lift, high above the snow.
The Green Sheep and the gang are going on a Zip-Line across the ski park!
The Green Sheep is meeting a Gentoo Penguin. It is the third largest penguin species in the world.
The Green Sheep also met a King Penguin, the second largest penguin species in the world! The Green Sheep also went in a Zorb Ball. Falling out of it into the snow was very funny.
What a lucky sheep!
Now where is The Green Sheep? The Green Sheep is going Karting.
Here is a seaplane. But where is The Green Sheep?
Here is The Green Sheep. He is with the pilot of the seaplane.
The Green Sheep watches out the window as the seaplane gets ready to take off.
Here is Dubai from the sky!
Here is the Burj Al Arab
Here is more of Dubai from the sky. Can you spot the Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest tower?
Here is The Palm Jumeirah. But where is The Green Sheep?
Here is The Green Sheep. Watching it all from the window in the seaplane.
What a special adventure to ride in a seaplane! (A big thanks to Seawings Seaplane tours!)
After all the excitement The Green Sheep needed to relax. A Spa is a good place to relax.
At lunch, The Green Sheep is happy to find food and drink in a small size just for him! The Green Sheep even made a new friend, Vida Gnome.
Where is The Green Sheep? The Green Sheep is on the aeroplane going home. The Green Sheep had pizza and apple juice and even made some new friends on the way home.
Where is the Green Sheep? Here's our Green Sheep safe and warm, happy to be home.

The Green Sheep sure did have a wonderful adventure. To see the pictures of the first half of his adventure in Dubai and for more ideas on how you can use this photo prompt idea for learning at home or at school, click here

You can see even more of our desert pictures in this post about our sand writing tray and you can have a look at where we stayed in our DIY kids hotel activity pack post.

My children really enjoyed looking through all these photos, spotting The Green Sheep (and Mummy), and reading the narrative that went along with it. 

They had so many questions about everything! A reader suggested getting the pictures and captions made into a book for my children and I think I might just do it. It's a great idea and I think they'll love it! I'll show you the results when I get it done.

Have you photographed a special toy in any unique locations before?

I wonder where our Green Sheep will travel to next?

Happy playing,
Debs :)

Look where else we are. Are you following along? :)


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