5 fun indoor balloon party games

Sep 21, 2015

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Balloons are often synonymous with parties for decorating and adding a burst of colour and fun, quickly and easily, but there are so many more things that balloons can be used for! 

There are a huge number of balloon games, fun activities with balloonsballoon crafts and even science experiments using balloons that you can try.

Playing balloon games is great for encouraging gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination, balance, concentration, focus and movement

Balloons don't cost a fortune, they're easy to store and transport (we take some with us in our kids travel kit) and they can be played with by people of all ages, making them an ideal material for all sorts of occasions.

It seems that now the humble balloon has become even more fun with the introduction of the new ILLOOMS balloons. Unlike your average balloons, these contain a fixed LED light in each balloon, which illuminate for up to 15 hours when activated with the easy-pull tab!

We were recently sent some to try, so here are five of our favourite inside balloon games that are perfect for parties or rainy days and can be made even more fun using Illooms illuminated balloons!

Balloon Tennis

  • 1 x balloon for each pair
  • 1 x paper plate for each player
  • 1 x ruler for each player
  • sticky-tape
How to Play:

- Make up your little balloon rackets by sticking a ruler onto a paper plate (We've found that just a couple of pieces of standard sticky tape are enough to secure a paper-plate onto a ruler)

- Hit the balloon between 2 people, trying to keep it off the floor.

- Count how many hits you can do between two people, before the balloon touches the ground. Try to beat your own score. 

- If a "winner" is required, the pair that can hit the balloon between the two of them the most amount of times before it touches the ground, is the winner!

Variation: Pretend to be playing tennis in slow motion. This adds plenty of giggles! 

Glow Tennis! Try using light up balloons for an even more fun and challenging game of balloon tennis in the dark!

Balloon Balance Obstacle Course

  • 1 x balloon for each player
  • 1 x paper plate for each player
  • 1 x ruler for each player
  • sticky-tape
  • cushions/chairs/skipping ropes etc. for your obstacle course.
How to Play:

- Set up a little obstacle course using things you have available, such as cushions, chairs, skipping ropes, etc. 

- Make up your little balloon carriers by sticking a ruler onto a paper plate (this is the same as is used for "Balloon Tennis")

- Explain the objective at each part of the course, ie: "weave around the red cushions", "jump over the small cushions", "crawl through the chair tunnel" etc. and allow children to practice going through the course. This should be pretty easy on their own.

- Now have the children complete the same course, but this time they must do it whilst balancing a balloon on their balloon carrier! (Much tricker now and no hands are allowed to hold the balloon on!) Can they complete the course without the balloon falling off their carrier?

- For an added challenge, you can use a stopwatch to time the children as they complete the course. You could have children start the course again if their balloon falls off and touches the ground or add a small time penalty. Who can complete the course the fastest whilst still balancing their balloon?

Tip: Let the children help set up various obstacle stations. Children always have excellent creative ideas so be sure to listen to them for input when setting up.
Glow Balloon Obstacle Course! Try playing in the dark with illuminated balloons for an added challenge!! Lots of fun and laughing!

Pass the Balloon (No hands allowed!)

  • 1 x balloon 
How to Play:

- Players must pass a balloon to one another (or around a circle) without using their hands! Sounds simple, but it's a lot more challenging then it seems!

Balloon Hockey

  • An odd amount of balloons ie. 5, 7, 9 etc.
  • "Hockey sticks" for each player. We used plastic golf clubs but pool noodles would make a good alternative
  • 2 x washing baskets for goals at either end.
How to Play:

- Place a washing basket at either end of a room and all your inflated balloons in the centre, between the 2 goals

- On your command, children race into the centre and attempt to hit and guide the balloons into their allocated goal without the use of their hands or feet

- When all the balloons have been hit into a goal, the person or team with the most balloons that makes it through their goal is the winner

- With only 2 players, this is a real game of speed and skill at trying to coax the balloons to your end and in your goal, faster than your opponent.

When playing with a team, other players can try to defend their goal from the opposition and attempt to guide balloons away from opposing team players.

Variation: For even more fun and excitement, use illuminated balloons!

Balloon Juggle

  • 1-4 balloons
  • stopwatch (optional)
How to Play:

- Have children attempt to keep 1 balloon in the air by tapping it in a controlled manner (already more difficult than it sounds).

- Once children feel comfortable with 1 balloon, add in a second balloon and see if they are able to keep both off the ground.

- Those children that want an extra challenge can try with a third or even a fourth balloon!

- Use a stopwatch to see if children can achieve certain time barriers like keeping them up for 30 seconds, 1 minute, 2 minutes, etc.

Variation: Try a simple finger balance and time how long children can keep a balloon balanced on the tip of one finger.

Your finger must be in contact with the balloon at all times and children can move as needed to keep the balloon on their finger.

Lots of fun with illuminated balloons in the dark!

Illooms LED Balloons

The Illooms balloons product range contains all the above fun designs, perfect for a range of different party/celebration themes.
All packs come with 4 light-up balloons, except for the super size balloon, which have 3 per pack. They range in price from $6.99 RRP to $9.99 RRP. We found them super-easy to use, following the included directions and inflation guide and quick to inflate and set-up. We did find that the blue, yellow, green and marbled colours appeared brighter than the red balloons and that occasionally we'd come across a balloon that didn't light up consistently like the others and instead flickered on and off depending on where it was tapped or how it was sitting.
We can't wait to use the Illooms for my daughter's upcoming Disco themed party! We were tossing up between doing a party at home or having something different out of the house, but after suggesting the use of Illooms in our house on the "dance floor" of the disco party, it was decided that a home celebration is a must! They're definitely going to add another fun element of both play and atmosphere for the kids.

I think these could look absolutely stunning lighting a walkway/driveway for night-time celebrations or even hanging a whole bunch from a tree. They would certainly make your celebration stand out! Light-up your next party or celebration with Illooms Balloons, available in the party supplies section at Big W, Kmart and Woolworths!

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Happy playing,
Debs :)

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