Best Educational Toys for Kids. Magna-Tiles

Sep 7, 2015

Magna-Tiles. Are they really worth the money?

This post is sponsored by Finlee and Me

There are so many toys out there available for purchase, that it can be hard to know what is going to be of real value. We have been very fortunate to have the opportunity to review a number of fabulous educational toys over the years. We're often asked to promote or review toys for kids but the reality is that only a select few make it on to the blog and into our hearts as a toy that we absolutely love.

For a toy to make it into our top toys list, it needs to:
  • be fun
  • be educational
  • be appealing
  • be open-ended
  • allow for creativity
  • be able to be used for many years by multi-ages

Magna-Tiles ticks all these boxes and their aesthetic beauty combined with their ease of use and ability to allow for creativity, problem solving and imaginative play have firmly entrenched it as one of our favourite toys of all time.

Magna-Tiles are shaped tiles with magnets along their edges. They have a unique ability to attract to one another on all sides, despite which way around the tiles are flipped, which makes them very easy for children of all ages to use. I love that they combine maths and science with creativity in such a durable, appealing and open-ended way.

For the younger children, Magna-Tiles help work on developing fine-motor skills, learning about colours, patterns, shapes (2D and 3D), magnetic force/attraction, gravity and more. 

Noah (aged 3) exploring Magna-Tiles for the first time.

As children get older, Magna-Tiles allow for wonderful imaginative play with more complex and interesting structures as well as allowing children to become critical thinkers as they problem solve while making constructions and consider various engineering and architectural concepts while building on maths skills and a developing understanding of spacial relationships.

Maddie (aged 6) playing with Magna-Tiles. 

Whilst available in a number of different styles, we love the clear colours set best as it is spectacular with the light behind it and you can work light and shadowing into your designs.

I love that Magna-Tiles inspires all sorts of creativity in my children and that we can so easily combine it with other favourite toys. Playing like this promotes a whole lot of imaginative play, storytelling, language development and more.

We're even able to use it on other magnetic surfaces like the fridge and for other purposes, such as literacy by making words, letters and practicing name recognition.

Without prompting, Maddie was compelled to sketch up a design that she made.

Since owning our set of the Clear Colours Magna-Tiles 100 piece set, there's not been a day that they haven't been played with or used in some way. Whilst they are not a cheap toy, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them as I believe that you will get far more use and benefit from these toys than most toys that people tend to accumulate over time. A set of 100 pieces is great for single or multiple children to use and allows for some absolutely fabulous creations!

Here's a quick little video we made that shows just how easy Magna-Tiles are to be played with by kids of all ages.

To order or purchase your set of Magna-Tiles, head to Finlee and Me. Definitely a great item to add to the Wish List and would make a fabulous present for a family (hint, hint, Grandmas and Grandpas). You can also follow Finlee and Me on Instagram here.

Happy playing,
Debs :)

{Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Finlee and Me. We received the Magna-Tiles for the purpose of the review. I'd actually had my eye out for a set of Magna-Tiles for the kids for a long time as they're something I've used in school before and loved, but have found them tricky to get in Australia without paying an insane amount of postage to get them shipped in. As a result, I almost leapt through the computer screen to grab these when offered. All opinions are, as always, my own and my children's.}

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