53 Educational Activities and Games using Pompoms

Nov 3, 2015

Pompoms/pom-poms/pompons/pom-pons (whatever you call them!) are a relatively inexpensive, yet very fun and versatile little manipulative. Usually found in the craft section of most shops in a range of different colours and sizes, pompoms can be used in all manner of different ways and for different play and learning activities. Here are 53 fabulous ways that you can use pompoms to help further math, literacy, fine motor, gross motor, sensory, play, imagination, craft and/or scientific skills.

Playful Maths using Pompoms

Number Chef by Learn with Play at Home

Counting and Making 10 with Pompoms and Eggcartons by Learn with Play at Home

Sorting Big and Small by Laughing Kids Learn

Use pompoms on a Number Sticky Wall by Learn with Play at Home

Cardboard Tube Colour Sorting by Learning 4 Kids

Pompom colour sort and count by Learn with Play at Home

Egg Carton colour sort by The Imagination Tree

Simple Counting Activity by Laughing Kids Learn

Sorting and Subitising Game by Learn with Play at Home

Counting Caterpillar by Powerful Mothering

Sort and Count Maths Bottles by The Imagination Tree

Learning numbers with Playdough and Pompoms by Learn with Play at Home

Pompom Addition and Counting Machine by The Imagination Tree

Number Recognition game by Learn with Play at Home

Shape and Colour I-spy Game by Mom Inspired Life

Sorting Pompoms by Powerful Mothering

Invitations to Play using Pompoms

Pompoms, pinecones and playdough by Learn with Play at Home

Magnetic Pompoms by Powerful Mothering

Pompom playdough Sweet Shop by Learn with Play at Home

Simple pompom play ideas by Clare's Little Tots

Velcro and Pompoms by Teach Me Mommy

Large Pompom Ice-cream Scooping by Therapy Fun Zone

Clay Monsters by Learn with Play at Home

Pompoms on a Mirror by Adventures of Adam

Pompom drop and shoot by The Imagination Tree

Pompom Grab by Mama Miss

Pompom Drop Game by One Time Through

Literacy Learning using Pompoms

Learning letters and words with playdough and pompoms by Learn with Play at Home

Blowing Pompoms Alphabet Game by Mom Inspired Life

Arts and Crafts using Pompoms

Apple Pompom Craft by Red Ted Art

Pompom Rainbow Collage by Danya Banya

Paint with Pompoms by Fantastic Fun and Learning

Olaf Pompom by Kids Activity Blog

Pompom Frog and Turtle Craft by Artsy Momma

Pompom Animals (with free printable templates) by Therapy Zone

Fine Motor Skills using Pompoms

Pompoms and chopsticks by Learn with Play at Home

Tiny Pompom fine motor play by Powerful Mothering

Feed the Shark by School Time Snippets

Pompom scoop and race game by The Imagination Tree

Feather and Pompom trees by Powerful Mothering

Pool Noodle and Pompoms by School Time Snippets

Feed the Monster by Powerful Mothering

Gross Motor Skills using Pompoms

Pompom Hockey by Learning 4 Kids

Gross motor throwing with Pompoms by Enchanted Homeschooling Mom

DIY Giant Pompoms Olympic Games by 3 Dinosaurs

Science ideas using Pompoms

Pompom Paper Tube Catapult by 3 Dinosaurs

Clothespin Catapults by Therapy Funzone

Sensory Play using Pompoms

Ice Cream Sensory Bin by P is for Preschooler

Snowman Sensory Play by Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds

Triangle and Pompom Sensory Bin by Tiny Tots Adventures

Rainbow Bottle Pompom Play by Something 2 Offer

Fall/Autumn Sensory Bin by Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds

Baby Pompom Play by Learn with Play at Home

Do you love using pompoms at your home or learning centre? What other fun ways do you use them? (Feel free to share more ideas or links in the comment section)

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