10 Awesome Free Printables for Kids at home and in the classroom

Feb 22, 2016

I love printables, especially FREE ones! It's amazing the fun, games, learning, organising and/or decorating that can be had from something that starts as a simple piece of paper with some ink on it.

I have an awesome Free Printable Pinterest board, (followed by over 190,000 people!) which is full of fabulous free printable ideas from learning games and clever crafts to wall art and kids birthday supplies. There's something for everyone! To save you a bit of time going through the 6,000+ free printables collected on the board, here's a list of 10 of my very favourites! (You will find that most of these sites have other fabulous free printables that you'll want to check out too!)

Free room art printable from Chickadee Art and Co

10 favourite free printables for kids

1) Free Room-Art Printables for kids from Chickadee Art and Co

These guys have a gorgeous range of printables and many lovely free designs! I love including extra words and pictures in my children's rooms and in the classroom to help promote a print rich environment. Click over and find your favourites here.

2) Free Printable Writing Prompts for kids from Picklebums

Not all children have a great desire to write. In fact, for some children, it can be difficult to persuade them to want to write at all, and we're all well aware that in order to become accomplished at a task, we need to practice! Sometimes, writing prompts can be a great way to get a reluctant child to give writing a go, or even just to give fresh ideas to keen writers. I love these printable writing prompts from Picklebums. Don't forget to check out their other great printable designs when you pop over. There are tons!

3) Fairytale Pretend Play Signs from Doodles and Jots

Imaginary play is important for children and I know that the kids at my daughter's play-based curriculum primary school, would enjoy helping make these adorable little signs to add to some of their play areas. Print out a free copy here and use the ideas to inspire more play! What other road signs could you make?

4) Free printable Road-Trip games from Learn with Play at Home (that's us)

Keep the kids entertained in the car with these free printable Road Sign Bingo or Alphabet Eye Spy cheat sheets. These are also fun for on the school bus on the way to various events or camps.

5) 20 Free Printable Busy Bags from Coffee Cups and Crayons

Busy Bags are a fun idea to have on hand for toddlers or preschoolers, for when you need a bit of quiet time or something to keep them busy for a little while. Print and assemble these busy bags before time and then pull out when needed! At home, these are great for using in the car or while you're cooking dinner or talking on the phone. In the early years classroom, bags can be made up and made available for children to use as they like.

6) Free printable Fruit and Vegetable cards from You Clever Monkey

"Flash cards" don't have to be used purely for "flashing" in front of children's eyes so that they learn to read and recognise a word over time. There are many uses for cards like these. I mainly enjoy having them as another way to provide a print-rich environment and be able to use them to compliment other activities (such as pretend shop play or pretend cooking school). You can print out 2 copies and use them for memory match games, or make a healthy eating display in your house or classroom. Plenty of uses beyond "flashing" them. Get your free copy here.

7) Managing Big Emotions free printable from Childhood 101

Here is a great free printable to help give children a visual reminder of how to help themselves calm down. Managing big emotions isn't easy, even for us big folks, so giving children a strategy and ideas for how they can help themselves to manage their emotions is a great idea. There are even more posters in this range from Childhood 101 that you should also look at and would be great printed out at home or in the classroom.

8) Printable Time Telling Game from Easy Peasy and Fun

Telling the time on an analogue clock can be tricky for some children and usually takes a bit of time to master. Help them learn to tell the time with this fun and simple game. Download the free clock template, grab some dice and you're ready to go!

9) Free Printable Lunch-Box Notes from Skip to My Lou

Print out these free lunch-box notes, cut them out individually and then pop in the kids lunchboxes for a sweet surprise when they open their lunch. Get your copy here.

10) Printable "BORED" poster from Modern Parents Messy Kids

"I'm bored" is a phrase that everyone has groaned at some point. I actually quite like it when my children decide they are bored, as it means they need to use their brain to come up with something to do! For those kids that struggle to think of anything, this great poster might be just what you need. Download your copy here and be sure to read the rest of their post for plenty of suggested activities.

More free printables ideas:

Happy printing,
Debs :)

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