Activity ideas

Feb 12, 2012

In this blog I will be covering many different areas of play including a variety of materials and different ways you can use these same materials to alter or enhance the activity or skills used within it.

Activities range in experience levels and all can be modified to suit young children of varying ages and abilities.

If an activity seems too difficult for your child, take one small element of it and focus on that first. Then, wait a while and repeat the activity. The more exposure to a particular skill, the better and more confident your child will get at it. This could happen quickly or slowly depending on the child.

The great thing with play is there is no wrong or right. Your child is always learning!

Some of the areas i'll be focusing on are:

 Science activities



 Sand play

 Manipulation/Building etc


 Water play

 Pretend play


Rice play

and much more...

Debs :)