Feb 12, 2012

Collage is a great way for kids to develop their fine motor skills and get creative.

Here we used just 2 colours of tissue paper* and practiced ripping into small pieces and pasting them on.

We used a simple but recognisable shape (a flower) and focused on trying to stay within the lines and fill the gaps appropriately.

 Pasting in certain areas

Choosing the right pieces and trying to keep in the lines

Some tips:
- Take the time to talk about the shape. What is it? Where do you see this shape? etc. Talk about how you drew it or perhaps help the child draw it.
- Extend this activity by using more shapes or colours. Have the child cut or rip the tissue paper themselves.
- Simplify the activity by ripping or cutting the paper yourself and having your child do the pasting.
- Some children need more encouragement than others. If all your little boy will do is play cars, then make your collage a car shape etc. Let them choose the colours they'll use etc.

*We used tissue paper this time but obviously you can use any type of paper you have... some will be more difficult to rip/cut than others

Debs :)