Playdoh people

Feb 12, 2012

Playdoh is SO much fun! Kids love the tactile element and the way that they can manipulate it so easily. It's also available in a huge range of colours AND you can make it yourself easily and cheaply.

Today our focus with playdoh was to make people. This included talk of various body parts as well as emotions. Fine motor skills were also used to cut and manipulate the bits of playdoh.

I provided a few colours of playdoh and various bits and bobs. Some of the craft materials* I provided you would need to pre purchase from a craft or variety shop if you wanted the same or alternatively you could substitute these items for things you find around the house eg- buttons for eyes instead of googly eyes.

 Using old scraps for hair and milk bottle lids for shoes

 A pipe cleaner for a mouth. This is a HAPPY person

 Apparently this person was waving hello and had brown shoes

Handy tips:

- Use this activity to talk about and identify various body parts. Depending on their level, children will demonstrate awareness of different body parts.

- To simplify, perhaps just focus on faces to begin with and the different parts of the face. If your child is very young and has little experience with playdoh, take it back to the basics of rolling a playdoh ball, breaking off pieces etc.

- Extend this with discussion on emotions. Is you face going to be happy, sad, cross, surprised? etc. How is your playdoh face or person feeling? Why? What makes you feel this way? etc

-  In Australia, shops like Kmart or the Reject Shop are probably the cheapest places to buy craft supplies like goggly eyes, pipe cleaners, paddle-pop sticks, pompoms, glitter etc etc.

Debs :)