Crafty Painted Crown

Feb 14, 2012

For this fun and easy activity we split it into 2 segments. Painting the crown with water colour paints and cut out sponge shapes and after it dried, adding the decorations.

We used 2 pieces of cardboard to "measure" around Maddie's head and then I cut them to size, stapled the 2 pieces together and cut the points out.

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The idea was to do sponge prints on the crown with water colour paints 

 However, she decided she'd rather paint the whole thing using a sponge piece

 When the crown was dried, it was time to decorate! Together we talked about what "embellishments" she'd like on her crown and set them out for her.
Using fine motor skills to peel stickers off a sheet and stick them on.



The crown all finished and ready for imaginative play!

Some tips:
- This is an easy activity for kids of all ages and you can decorate however you please with whatever you have on hand.
- To extend this activity, have your child do the measuring of their head and the cutting of the crown points.
- Talk about what you are doing with your child. Use new language and descriptive words like, "embellishments" This will help with their language development.
- Repeat the activity as many times as you like using different crafty ways to decorate each time.
- Once your crown is finished, use it for imaginative play. We have a whole set of them in our "fantasy tub" next to our dress up box.
- Further extend this activity by finding and reading together books about Kings, Queens, Princesses and Princes. A favourite series at our house is, "Little Princess" by Tony Ross.

Debs :)