Make your own Sound Effects!

Feb 23, 2012

This activity lets your child experiment with sound in a super fun and engaging way.

You'll need any musical instruments you have and a favourite television show (that's sure to get them interested).

Spread out the musical instruments so they can be easily seen and accessed by your child and have them make all the sound effects for a favourite show/scene etc.
(The slide whistle was a favourite effect!)

Some tips:

- If you don't have any musical instruments, use things like pots, pans, wooden spoons, containers of rice etc.

- Turn the TV on mute so that your child can be responsible for ALL the sound associated with the program

- Talk with your child about which sounds are the most appropriate. Which instruments make sounds that are close to what the real sound would be?

- Mix up the activity by choosing silly sounds. Find the sounds that are the most UNLIKE what the real sound would be. This provides lots of laughs.

-Extend this activity by discussing emotions etc. and the types of sounds that your child would associate with various emotions.

-Simplify this activity by selecting a particular scene in a show (ie- an elephant walking) and just focus on trying all the different sounds until you find the one that your child agrees would be the most like the real sound. (ie. probably closer to a banging drum sound than some jingly bells)

- Replay the show or scene with the sound on and see how close the sounds were that you chose.

Debs :)


  1. What an awesome idea! Making sound effects to your favourite show - love it!

    Oh, I love the slide whistle - my kids use it to make the sound cues for going up (right on tippy toes) and down (falling to the ground.) So much fun!

    Have you ever heard of a giggle stick? My youngest goes to a music class and they brought out a giggle stick. It is a tube and it sounds like someone laughing - its hesterical to listen too. I really would like to get one for our collection of instruments.

    Great post Debs - xx

  2. Thanks Janice. :)
    No, I haven't heard of a giggle stick exactly but I understand what you're talking about. They sound great.
    We have a little thing that when tipped over makes a "moooooing" sound. Also very funny! (Especially when you shake it and it sounds like a cow laughing haha) xo

  3. I loved this activity! Will surely try with my daughter

  4. What a fun idea for extending tv time! My two yr old would love this!

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