Fun with beads

Feb 24, 2012

Beading is a fabulous activity for young children of all ages as they can learn about colours and patterns while practicing their fine motor skills.

Different sized and shaped beads are readily available to suit all skill levels and depending on your child's interests and patience, beading could keep them occupied for ages!

 Pouring the beads, practicing co-ordination

 Loving touching all the beads and letting them run through her fingers. Very tactile.

 Sorting the beads into various shades

 It helps to tape one end of the string down when beading with small beads

Practicing fine-motor skills

Some tips:
- To simplify this activity for younger children or those who would find small beads too fiddly, use the large wooden or plastic beads first.
- To extend this activity, try a focus on making patterns. If not experienced with patterns, try using just 2 colours first and look at the different patterns that can be made with them before adding in extra colours.
- For beginning sorting, use beads of primary and then secondary colours before talking about and attempting to sort different shades of colours.
- Use beads in a sensory tub or just to play with etc.
- Always supervise small children with beads as they can pose a choking hazard.

Debs :)