Toddler pom-pom push

Feb 26, 2012

A simple little activity to practice fine-motor skills, patience and concentration.

Children love using soft, colourful, fuzzy or sparkly things and pom-poms are a fabulous material that you can use for SO many different activities.

 Using this basket, we discover that pushing the pom-poms just half way through the holes keeps them in place. Push too hard and they pop all the way through. Pushing them in just half way required concentration and patience.

Once all the pom-poms were in the holes, it was time to push them back through and into the basket to start again.

Some tips:

- As it's very unlikely you will have this type of basket at your house, have a look around (or get your child on the job!) and see if you can find something with holes that pom-poms can be pushed into.

- If you can't find anything suitable, punch holes (just large enough to just fit the pom-poms) in a washed out milk carton or cereal box etc.

- This little simple activity requires patience and concentration, something that most children would benefit from working on

- To extend this activity, focus on various patterns that you could make with the pom-poms in the holes

Debs :)