3 Panel Painting

Mar 27, 2012

Here is another way to paint that has produced some great results at our house.

Using 3 different coloured pieces of paper or cardboard stuck together, your child can create some art that flows differently to having one background while practicing their fine motor skills, colour recognition, creativity, cognitive development and more

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(Although unintentional, to me this picture looks like a man wearing a hat looking up at an angry cloud where a storm is brewing and above that layer are all the clouds in space... but that's just me lol)
Having the 3 colours on the background means that different coloured paints show up differently on each panel and can change how your child approaches the painting.

After setting up the 3 panels you can give your child any painting implements you like. Mix it up to get different results each time. I provided a fine paintbrush, 4 different colours and a few textured stampers and left the rest up to her.

I noticed that it took her quite some time to cross over from one panel to the next. It was almost as if she were doing 3 separate painting on each one.

Some tips:

- After turning the painting vertically, I realised that the 3 panels looked like (or could be) the earth, the sky and space. Next time we do this activity I will have her paint on it vertically instead of horizontally to see if it makes a difference.

- To extend this activity, introduce your child to the idea of the 3 layers being the earth, the sky and outer space and see how they interpret their ideas then.

- This activity can be repeated time and time again with a different end result each time. Mix around and change some of the materials that you provide each time to inspire new ideas

-Ask questions to help connect their understanding and use vocabulary to give them words to describe what they're creating, eg. "Which colour paint shows up best on the black background?" "Why do you think that is?" "I like how you're swirling those colours together. It is creating an interesting effect" etc

- Remember that sometimes children just create, they don't need it to be a specific item at the end. It could just be an abstract creation. Allow this and don't push them to think they must make something "real."

Debs :)