Copy Cat Block Game

Mar 19, 2012

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Today's easy, fun activity helps your child practice their colour and shape recognition as they use focus, concentration, coordination and basic problem solving to try and recreate a simple block construction.

Ages: 2+
Materials: Coloured Blocks

 Start with a basic construction that your child would be able to recreate and explain that you're playing a copy cat game

 Searching through all the blocks to try and find matching colours and shapes

 I've done it. Hang on a minute... Recognising that something doesn't quite look right

 That's BLUE! I don't have blue.

 Very happy with herself for succeeding

 Playing again. Look, same same. Green bridge.

 Ok Mum, your turn to copy MY construction

Some tips:

- Simplify by matching just 1 block colour and shape and build it up to see what your child is capable of

- Extend by making more complicated constructions with extra blocks, colours, shapes, levels and so on.

- Change the game by photographing a range of constructions earlier and giving your child the pictures to try and recreate off

Have your child make some constructions for you to copy as well so they can observe the processes you go through in order to recreate them

- Discuss the different colours and shapes. 3 dimensional shapes have different names to 2 dimensional shapes. If your child is ready/interested, talk about the names and where you'd see them in real life. eg, Most of the tall buildings in the city are rectangular prisms.

- (PS- Make sure that you do have doubles of all the blocks/colours so that your child can copy your construction exactly... I realised this after discovering that we only have 1 of a particular type of block. Much frustration searching! haha)

Debs :)

Happy playing,
Debs :)

Look where else we are. Are you following along? :)
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