Alphabet Order Game

May 16, 2012

This is a super easy and quick game to set up that includes singing and will challenge your child's memory and help them with their letter recognition.

Your child should be able and ready to play this game if they know how to sing the alphabet and appear to have an interest in letters. To challenge further or play the game in a different way, see the Handy Tips at the bottom.

To play this game you will need a set of alphabet cards or books. You print off a set here for free if you don't have any or you could do a quick google search for ones that appeal to you (there are tons available) or simply make your own in Microsoft Word or other publishing progams.

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So proud!

- Place all the cards/books in a big pile. Let your child rummage through them and give them a good mix up

- Sing the alphabet song with your child and then ask them what the first letter of the alphabet is (Repeat the song if needed until your child figures out that Aa is the first letter)

- Let your child find the letter Aa. If they are struggling, try giving them hints until they find it (eg. The capital A has a pointy top. etc or use colour hints if appropriate or Show them the letter Aa in a book or some other form of print as an example and have them find the match)

- Once they've found the Aa and put it aside, ask them what the next letter of the alphabet is and repeat the singing and hints etc until they have found it and put it beside the Aa.

- Repeat until your child has correctly identified and put in a line the entire alphabet. Well done!

Handy Hints

- To simplify this activity, have your child identify which is the next letter that needs to be found by singing the alphabet (and pointing along) and then help them find it (maybe make it a race?). Show them the letter then put it in the line and sing the alphabet again while pointing to the line and have them tell you which is the next letter to be found. Remember to make it fun!

- To extend this activity, try including letter sounds and words as well. What is the first letter of the alphabet? What sound does it make? Can you think of a word that begins with that sound? etc.

- As your child sings the alphabet, have them point to each of the corresponding letters they've already found to help reinforce the connection between the letter name and the symbol.

- Mix it up. Try playing the same game but this time call it, "Find the missing letter." Take one of the letters out and have your child try to identify the missing letter by using the same singing and finding technique.

- If your child loses interest half way through, don't push it. Just leave it and pick it up from the letter you were up to another time when they are interested again. Pushing and forcing learning at this early age level won't help your child develop a positive association with letters and learning. If anything, it could have the opposite effect. Remember to make learning FUN.

Debs :)

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