Butterfly Birthday Party Ideas

May 5, 2012

For my daughter's 2nd birthday party she wanted a Butterfly Birthday Party. It's a lovely and easy theme for a birthday and there are so many wonderful ideas out there! (If only Pinterest was around when I did this)

Here are a few of the ideas we used.

The Cake- Butterfly Cupcakes

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I iced the cupcakes in pastel colours and decorated them with handmade icing flowers, leaves and butterflies. Each and every cupcake was different.

 The cupcakes on the stand. (The top one is sitting on an upturned glass to get the extra height)

The Party Favours- Iced butterfly biscuits

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 This was my first attempt at iced cookies. Once you get the hang of it, it's actually not that hard.... just time consuming!

 The biscuits packed and ready for the guests to take home with them. Personalised with a little message. Tags just made on the computer.

The Decorations- Hand painted cardboard butterflies

I bought the cardboard butterfly shapes from an art supply shop and Madeline and I painted them all... both sides! It was great fun. I then threaded them onto fishing line and hung them all around the house. We also had pastel coloured paper lanterns above the food table.

The Food- Butterfly Themed

Really easy and cute little butterfly and caterpillar iced biscuits. Super quick and easy to make. The kids also made their own iced and decorated cookies.

Carrying on the butterfly theme we also had butterfly shaped sandwiches and flower fairy bread... as well as an assortment of the regular hot foods etc.

Debs :)

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