Rainbow Birthday Party Ideas

May 3, 2012

rainbow party, rainbow birthday, rainbow jelly, rainbow cake

For my daughter's 3rd birthday party she wanted a Rainbow Birthday Party. It's a bright, colourful and easy theme for a birthday and there are so many wonderful ideas about to be found!

Here are a few of the ideas we used.

The Cake- Rainbow Cake

rainbow birthday, rainbow cake, birthday cakes, rainbow party

I just had to give this rainbow cake a go! It was a hit with all the guests, young and old :)
Not terribly difficult, just time consuming. I loosely followed this recipe.
(And yes, I know that it's colour overkill but it uses gel food colourings to give it a richer colour and hey, it's their Birthday. Let's have some fun!)

The Party Favours- Take home Rainbow Popcorn boxes

rainbow popcorn, party favours, rainbow party favours, take home boxes
Filled personalised plastic noodle boxes with coloured popcorn and a pair of novelty kids sunglasses

The Food- Rainbow Themed

rainbow party food, rainbow jelly cup, layered jelly cup
To make rainbow jelly (jell-o) cups you need to make up your jelly one layer at a time. Wait until one layer has set before adding the next (allow liquid jelly to get to room temperature before pouring on top of set jelly layer). Set and repeat till done. Adults and children alike loved these.

fruit skewers, party food, healthy party food, food for kids, healthy
Rainbow fruit skewers

rainbow party food ideas, rainbow party ideas
The food table minus the hot food. The waterbottles all had printed rainbow labels (made on the computer) stuck on them. I tried to keep a good balance of healthy food and treats. Pictured here you can see Lemon Slice, Chocolate Brownies, Rainbow Cake, Marshmallows, Fruit Skewers, Rice Paper Rolls, Mixed Sandwiches, Dip, cracker and veggie platter and Rainbow jelly.

Children's Activity- Make your own fairy bread station

rainbow party activity, party food, kids party food

Set cookie cutter buttered bread and the above assortment of spinkles (if you can find them in all the rainbow colours you should set them out like a rainbow... alas, I could not) out on a children's table with plates and spoons and let them make their own fairy bread. A great sensory and fine motor skills activity. Yummy too :)

It was a great day

Debs :)

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